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How Self Talk Works to Mold Your Entire Life Experience/ Ability to Manifest Success!

Jessica Wiggan

Everybody is genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree then it will spend it’s whole life believing that it is stupid.
— Albert Einstein

Be aware of the way YOU think and speak to yourself... about yourself.

It can start off as a joke- where you make jabs at yourself at your own expense, then building to heavy sighs during moments of frustration or even failure to an eventual mindset that has been downloaded and programmed after you've chosen to repeatedly dog yourself in jest or in all seriousness.

Those thoughts are the brick and mortar of a belief system that can stay with you heavily- weighing your perception and your actual perceived abilities down with the sound of the subconscious self depreciating soundtrack that plays on repeat over and over again (can you hear it?).

When will what you are and what you have done and can do... when will that be enough?

When will you choose to really look at yourself with love and realize that your attempts at anything- large or small- are absolutely significant and worthy of recognition and reward?

Set the goal, absolutely (aim for the stars!) but by no means compare yourself to a standard of success that remains elusive... EVEN AFTER you've accomplished your goal!!

WHY, you make ask, does even after you've reached your goal (success, right?) why is that still not considered success?

Simply because who you were BEFORE you reached that goal was never enough and now that you've actually achieved some level of mastery or have become the answer to the equation the acknowledgement of the reached success isn't met with acceptance , at least not for long, because that soundtrack that we've mentioned before still is playing on repeat.

"What I have done is not enough."

"I need to do better."

"I need to BE better."

"I need to be perfect."

"Without this I will not have acceptance (from myself or others)."


Think about it- there are too many "successful" and "accomplished" people who have "made it" and reached "success" who feel that they are not successful, happy, or even feel a sense of satisfaction... not because they haven't gained enough (because they arguably have!) or because they are not motivated and goal driven but because the voice that still plays inside their head tells them again and again that they are not enough until... until... until...

That "until" will never be enough. It simply could never be reached because there will always be something you don't have, or haven't reached, or have not yet accomplished. That perpetual voice of "I am not enough" is etched into the brain and will snatch happiness and a sense of accomplishment faster then you will realize!

It starts small with baby steps. Change your PERSPECTIVE. Watch for your patterns. Your pattern is not WHO you are but what you've CHOSEN TO BELIEVE about yourself or the world.

Ask yourself: "Does my current  belief/ self talk BUILD me to be the best version of myself (outside of my vision of success and my future goal/platform)?

Or does it eat away at the fabric of my self esteem daily ultimately killing my chance at radical self love, acceptance, and ultimately a deep unwavering sense of satisfaction and happiness unbound?

The GOAL does not DEFINE you. YOU define you.


Who I am is enough.

I love and approve of myself.

I am too big of a gift to the world to bring my own self down with pity and negative self talk.

I make the right choices.

I trust myself.

I am guided and protected. I trust the path.

My actions create a constant flow of prosperity!

I am a unique child of this world with a light that shines regardless!

I trust my own inner wisdom and intuition.

I am a success!

I forgive myself of my past mistakes and the situations have actually worked for my highest and greatest good!

I let go of worries that drain my energy of block my creative and expressive flow!

Choose to love yourself again and again, BehatiVibeTribe!

Love and light always,