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Full Moon in Sagittarius Details! 5/21/2016 5:14pm EST

Jessica Wiggan

Early this evening, late this afternoon we have such a uniquely sitting full moon with supportive personal planets that are surrounding the moon and sun with energy that has almost equal importance as the moon and sun themselves!
This full moon is happening in the sign of Sagittarius- a sign that isn’t afraid to think and dream big, to see the bigger picture and shoot for the stars, or to step outside of their comfort zone to pursue something that they love! This sign isn’t outrageous with its method of expression so I don’t see anyone feeling explosively transformative or making changes that would require huge gambles or risks (thank goodness! Haven’t we been through enough of that already?!). It is more an energy of a subtle but strong pulling from your core/heart that is signaling to you that your greatest vision/wish/desire is possible and we will need to reconnect and restructure to find the path that will get you there.

You see, sometimes you don’t need to make huge sweeping changes to switch stagnant areas of your life to have more progressive movement with the seeds previously planted to bud and come to fruition!

The next interesting aspect of this full moon is Mars- the planet of drive and momentum forward- and how directly connected to the full moon it is, sitting right beneath her!


Mars is sitting in Sagittarius too- so the goal is there and the vision is wide- however Mars is the planet of the jet fuel we need to blast through projects. It is our will, our drive, and sometimes our aggressive tenaciousness that is needed to see a project or plan through to completion… but when he’s retrograde the “jets” are turned off and he is quieter, building and conserving his energy instead of powering through like he usually does.

What does this mean for you? Well for starters, this really isn’t a time to try and PUSH or force anything to make moves, progress, or to come to completion. You want to hold a healthy respect for divine timing and to use this time to actually return to past projects/people/things that you are/were passionate about and discover ways to build that fire again or what areas need to be tweaked or “plugged in” to see life return back to them!

Image Credit: GettyImages

For example, think of an old computer that hasn’t been turned on in ages and seemingly won’t work now. Think of all of the many wires and cords that are needed to be perfectly in place in order for the entire system to work successfully. If one is out of place, corroded, or plugged in wrong the entire computer itself will malfunction or be completely unresponsive. The solution could be as easy as moving or replacing one wire or even plugging the power cord back into the wall and the whole device will come back to life whirring with the same speed it did however many years ago!

The same is true with you and your project/vision. What cords are tangled, missing, or need to be replaced in order to get your goal whirring back to life and working FOR you again?

With most of all full moons the energy suggests completion and endings (however I have absolutely used the full moon to set new intentions successfully in the past- follow your vibes) but this one seems almost especially so… only this time with a twist.

The question that seems written in the stars tonight is “What have you started in the past that you want to see the success and final manifestation of?”

Go back to that.

“What needs to be tweaked to FINALLY get you there?”

Do that.

Sagittarius energy lifts us ALL up by the waist to look outwards towards the horizon.

It asks us to ask ourselves “Just how GREAT can this be?! Really, anything is possible… even the sky is NOT the limit!”

Is the energy of this full moon a little more quiet and reflective than the others?

Yes, I actually believe so, despite the influence of Sagittarius’s boundless optimism and energy. But don’t mistake that silence for weakness for it is in those quiet moments that solutions and answers finally come through (and you better believe they’ll come- with all full moons we are able to see the full and complete picture, not just the bits and pieces of the puzzle that we’ve been working to put the clues together!)

The other interesting piece I’m seeing is the emphasis on not just the full moon and Mars but on the planet Mercury. You all should know by now that Mercury is currently retrograding though Taurus ( soon to switch again tomorrow and station direct!) but the Sun, Jupiter, and soon Venus are all sitting in signs that are ruled by this planet and all of them are lending a hand to energy of this full moon.


This is excellent for those who are connected to or working on things like blogs, publishing, travel (plus Sagittarius LOVES to travel- especially to new lands! Which one of you is planning a new trip?!), getting organized or focusing on the details that when in order make the day to day life so much more easier, and even lifestyle and diet changes! All of these things are supremely favored!

Looking at the placement of this full moon and it is obvious to me that this energy shows:

Positive and constructive REFLECTION.

Adjustments that will benefit the momentum and direction of your plans and goals for the long-term.

Instead of GIVING UP on plans that you felt have fizzled out maybe REVAMP and honestly revaluate what could have been done to make things flow smoothly, if there is anything else you could do differently, and even make edits and changes that reflect the quality of your work and commitment to excellence .

REVIST your original game plan- do I still want what I wanted or am I actually ready for something new/different?

Hold on to the greater vision and start seriously thinking and considering what will be needed and what you need to do so that you are prepared when you do finally get there… anything is possible and the sky is not the limit!

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Happy Intention Setting, magical manifestors!

Love and light always,

Jess of BehatiLIFE

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