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ASTRO UPDATE- May 31, 2016- June 1, 2016

Jessica Wiggan

astro update

I’m switching things up today and bringing out the big guns- let’s dive into the astrological energy of today, shall we! (with good timing- today and tomorrow may be a bit of a doozy!)

 First and foremost, the sun (life energy) and Venus are moving through Gemini which is wonderful for anything involving writing, communicating, and quick fun trips however these two planets are considered personal planets that affect us greatly- and they’re not sitting comfortably in their current position while Jupiter (planet of expansion), Neptune (illusion and fantasy) push up against them, while Saturn (planet of lessons learned!) sits directly across challenging and pushing pressure like an angry parent! With Gemini energy and these planets are currently in each other's space causing friction I wouldn't be surprised to hear you are feeling jittery, shaky, nervous or anxious, easily irritated... or if you work well under this influence then maybe super productive and hyper focused today getting much done in record time (be careful to not over do it though! I'll explain why as you read along!)

The visual I’m getting is like the day after a night of heavy drinking or eating where you are bloated, foggy, and lazy while someone is yelling t you to get up and get going (and FIND A JOB! Saturn is the parent that would pull you from your bed by the ankle and tell you to get in the shower, and hit the pavement submitting your resume to all the businesses in your area! LOL!)

The moon (emotions, intuition, feeling) is sitting in aggressive and goal driven Aries but will soon be moving to butt heads with Pluto (transformation and destruction ) today and tomorrow making those of us who are sensitive vulnerable to getting hurt. Some may push their own limits, step on other’s toes, over exert themselves.

BE CAREFUL with this! It’s not so destructive that it could lead to serious or lasting damage…it’s more that you push yourself to a breaking point because you’ll be prone to doing TOO much, you can’t see clearly the line that was crossed, or when you should stop and have a seat instead of trying to push forward.

Mars (drive, force, ambition) is still retrograding and quietly trying to move backwards- all engines are shut off right now for the time being- honor this period while this planet moves backwards through Scorpio (a sign that rules diving into the unknown, exploring the depths, uprooting and seeking the truth).

Protecting us the lovely trine (positive flowing energy) between Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury (communication)  in Taurus, and Pluto in earthy Capricorn- all wonderfully grounded signs, presenting us the opportunity to again sloowwww down, take it easy, do something nice for yourself, enjoy a nice fulfilling yummy nutritious salad! Even though Jupiter pushing against the sun and Venus is currently causing us to feel bloated and sluggish and prone to overdoing it we can still use this energy to feel good simply by just being aware!