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Emotional Healing Detox Meditation- Guided

Jessica Wiggan

"Tap tap tap your way into releasing baggage you didn't even KNOW you were carrying! Get the scoop on how on you too can let it all go so can feel so so good!"

During last night's mediation/ Reiki session I did a full body scan- from all the way down to my toes to the tip top of my head. Images flooded in my mind's eye (as usual! My angels and guides always run to my "third eye window" to fill me with insight and information!) but more importantly than that I was able to "check in" to my core "chakra points" and clear out any toxins that could have built up or sadness, stagnation, or illness I may unknowingly be carrying.

Doesn't it feel good to just cry it all out?!

Even if your tears are from happiness and gratitude- it just feels GOOD!

It's amazing how much we can carry- emotionally, mentally, physically- and it can drain and drag us to operate from a lower vibration and we're higher than that, right?!

I want you ALL to reap the benefits of the cathartic releases (and soon I should be posting a video for you on the topic!) so here's the technique I use during meditation to help myself tap into troubled/bound chakra areas (which happens to us all!) and facilitate a release and healing:

1.) Start off in your normal comfortable position for mediation. Most people either sit in the lotus position or lie on their backs but pick a method that works for you (which some days may vary!)

2.)  Set the intention of your mediation for protected healing- keeping in mind that if at any point you get overwhelmed or uncomfortable you can always stop and rest and finish the meditation as you would normally.  Setting the intention is important as it signals your consciousness to open up to the possibility of opportunity, change, and healing.

3.) Hold your hands over each chakra point- starting at your base concentrating on each spot exclusively for as long as you feel necessary.  Feel what each chakra is telling you- everything that you feel is valid and real. Acknowledge this. Use your positive intentions and energy to realign the chakra spots. You don't have to do anything but just allow the positive energy and intentions to cleanse the air/area softly. If you feel like crying, allow yourself to do so. If you're angry- let the feeling rise up and pass on. If you're scared- allow that too to rise up and pass on, keeping in mind that they are just temporary emotions and all serve an important purpose.

4.) Once you've reached your crown and every chakra has been tended- ask the universe/ your angels or guides that you are open to receiving any additional insight that will better help you to heal and operate at your highest level and always for your greatest good. Take a mental note of what they show and tell you.

5.) At the end of your meditation quietly wiggle your toes and fingers and come back into grounding with your body, Thank the angels and your guides for their assistance and protection. Enjoy a nice piece of fruit or healthy snack or long walk to help you ground yourself and feel good in your body!

There, wasn't that nice? :)

Do me a favor- {{HUG}} yourself! Right now- no matter where you are or what you're doing- just hug yourself strong and tight and say, "I LOVE YOU. I just do!!! I can't help it- I just love you for you! You're doing great and you're safe here and I love you!" You deserve it.

Want to share your experience with me? Comment below! :)

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Love and light to you all,