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Jessica Wiggan


Aries New Moon Magick & Ritual

Break a Curse and Read About the Details of this New Moon!

On April 5, 2019 at 3:52 am CST the skies erupt with the energy from the Aries new moon! If there was a time that you could find yourself being forced outside of your comfort zone or to begin a new journey and phase in your life this is it! Aries is the leader of the zodiac and while paired with the energy of a new moon (the universe’s signal for new beginnings and ventures) you are signaled to take the first step to plant the seed for the rest of your journey.

Usually the thing that scares us the most tends to be the one thing that will hold the most value and adventure for you… and that is exactly what I see in this new moon’s astrology chart. For starters, no matter what your sun or rising sign you will still be inspired and called by the voice of new moon. It’s possible that some will feel this more than others depending on the placement of the planets within their chart but for all of us the new moon will work to trigger your movement to be bold and fearless. This is because Aries is the start of the entire zodiac, the sign that leads the way for the others. Without Aries we would never feel the call to start anything new, to venture out, or to take that bold leap of faith because looking at starting any new journey would be too daunting and we would convince ourselves that we were happy with the status quo and that the potential for the reward isn’t worth the risk.

Instinctively as if you are summoned by some force from within you are called to emerge at the new moon. The risk of staying too tightly bound for any longer is greater than the risk of you blooming and that is exactly what you will start to do. This journey revolves directly around you and your needs and it’s okay now for you to be selfish with yourself and your time. Aries gives you permission to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to what you instinctively know is in your best interest. Some of you will be launching new businesses or ventures, exploring new places, finding yourself needing to be more active in your life, or even diving into aspects of yourself you never knew existed.

Now, I do see an emphasis on facing any type of suffering or pain that may be lingering from events that have happened to you or around you. We all know that life can presents moments that are not easy, to say the least. Some of those moments are because we are here to learn while others have to do with the universe just working to balance itself out and because we are apart of the greater whole we can be soaked by the rain of those moments. Chiron (the wounded healer, as we astrologers like to affectionally call it) is being tightly aspected by Mars (the planet of war ) who also happens to be the planet that co-rules the Aries new moon. This can ignite memories or even moments now where you will triggered, provoked, and ignited up. Because Mars is known for his aggression- in both good and bad ways- the chance of you being angered and upset is higher than normal for our new moon. This is a great moment to remember that anger is one of those emotions that doesn’t come alone. If we are angry it is because we are hurt, frustrated, sad or some other feeling that may be difficult to express or feel. If you do find yourself getting provoked around the time of the moon take it as a chance to directly see a vulnerable spot within you that needs additional healing and support. This could be the journey that the new moon is opening for you- a chance to heal aspects of yourself you didn’t even know were hurt or wounded and to not allow them to influence how you react to others, yourself, or the world you live in.

Saturn (planet of rules and structure) squares off with the new moon and asks you to be your own greatest advocate. The week of the new moon you may find your patience being tested and you will called to act with maturity and grace. At the same time, your own ego may be flaring up and even your confidence tested but again these are all lessons of love given to you by the cosmos to show you how strong you are! The way to work with this is to take your next steps seriously. If you are in a negative situation or place you no longer want to be in it is time for you to plan to move on or even to take the leap on your own! You may have fear but what is out there is far better than anything toxic or draining to you now!

As if on cue, Mercury (the planet that rules communication and the mind) aligns perfectly with Neptune. This will work to heighten your sensitivity- you will become hyper aware of vibes that are not good for you and at the same time your intuition will ping and communicate with you what you need to do next. Just like Saturn suggests- take these messages seriously. This is your gut instinct telling you that it is time for you to move into a position so that you can continue to thrive and bloom like a beautiful rose!


Red brick dust is not only super easy to find but it is powerful in removing curses and hexes of all kinds! A curse or a hex is bad intentions or evil thrown at you which can surround you for a moment or follow you for lifetimes and generations. It’s even possible that a curse could not have been originally directed at you but still impacts you after it was placed on your ancestors and designed to trail on as each new child is born, dragging the ill will from one life to another. You’ll know that you have a curse or hex on you if you have consistent bad luck in one area of your life or you feel evil or bad vibes around you. This is how to break free, and the perfect time to do this spell is during the Aries new moon.

You’ll Need:

  • One Red Brick 

  • A hammer 

  • A broom you don’t mind throwing away 

  • Spring Water

  • Blessed or Charged Holy Water or Florida Water


Smash a chunk of a red brick with a hammer (carefully… don’t hurt yourself or others, please) until it turns into a fine powder. Scoop half of the powder into a bucket of clean spring water. Clean your home, objects you feel are cursed, and even yourself with this water. Take the remaining half of the red brick powder and sprinkle around the outside of the perimeter of your home while the red brick water inside the home dries. Once the inside of the home is dried sweep the floors with the broom until the red brick dust is gone while saying a prayer asking for your angels, God, or the universe to rid you and your home of any evil or bad luck that has followed you. Afterwards, you should feel the energy of the home (and yourself) lighten but repeat if necessary. Take a cool shower and follow up by splashing the blessed water or Florida water on you and the four major corners of your home.