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Jessica Wiggan


Weekly Intuitive & Astro Forecast


May 21st-27th 2018

Activity speeds up this week! It’s like we went from a slow and steady snail pace to “off to the races!”

The mind is quick thinking, we feel the urge or at least have the opportunity to socialize more. Some of you are focusing on tests and studying. This is partly because son moved into Gemini at the start of this week on Monday. The only warning I have to give with this is the fact that for the majority of this week- Monday through Friday, but especially Wednesday- you have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew, exaggerate, or say and promise things that you can’t later honor.

Mercury the planet the rules communication is still in Taurus reminding you to pace yourself but most of this week he meets opposite Jupiter creating the potential for us to say and do too much. There is a risk of you getting yourself into trouble later with this tendency to overpromise. We are idealistic, anxious, excited and full of ideas so it becomes impossible at times to reel this energy in.

The Shift of Change on the Horizon


Sun trine Mars makes us feel capable and ready to usher in these new beginnings. We can feel the shift of change on the horizon and our energetically ready for what is happening but at the same time everything needs to come with perfect timing or you risk overlooking important details.

I can’t ignore mars in Aquarius is still boxing with Uranus so we all have a tendency to be a little impulsive or reckless in areas we would normally be careful with. It’s important to keep this in mind this week. Friday is actually the perfect day to six and we visit the areas of your life you seen the most drastic change. Maybe ‘revisit’ is not the right word but to give them your attention.

Have 'the Talk', Schedule that Meeting!


Mercury trine Pluto presents the chance to make powerful changes based upon your intuition and highest division. Schedule important talks to happen on this day, meet with important people in your life, take time to concentrate and study even on a Friday! While most relaxing and winding down after the craziness of this week there still a chance for you to make one last power move before the weekend comes to a close.

My last warning for this week is Venus the planet that rules love and relationships sits opposite Saturn and this can test relationships as well as your wallet.

Bonds between people can be tested as issues of emotional support, caring, and thoughtfulness surface. People (yourself included) can field a bite of abandonment and isolation. Money is stretched or you are forced to spend a lot which can momentarily be frustrating. Take this weekend easy when it comes to unnecessary spending if you were trying to save. Don’t panic if you’re making an investment – this transit just shows how hard it may feel to let go of what you’ve worked so hard to save. The new moon next week will bring in new opportunities so don’t worry too hard!

Last Intuitive Message:

This week I am getting the message that there is a tendency to focus on lack, what isn’t working, and what is missing so we end up ignoring what is right and unfolding. There’s a need to be clear with your words and to see things for what they actually are not to be clouded or distracted by emotion. This helps put things into perspective turning even obstacles into blessings!

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