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October 24th Taurus Full Moon is LIT!!!


October 24th Taurus Full Moon is LIT!!!

Jessica Wiggan


Taurus Full Moon is Lit!

October 24th Read for All Signs!

On October 24, 2018 at 9:45 am PST we have a stunning October full moon in Taurus, also known as the Hunter’s Moon! Full Moon’s traditionally heighten emotions and our experiences, but this October full moon has cranked its energy up as it conjuncts Uranus (the planet of innovation), the north node of fate & destiny, and opposes Venus who just happens to be retrograde. What we’ll have is a surge of energy but especially in areas concerned with your feelings of security and stability.

The trouble we’ll find is that because Uranus is so directly connected and influencing this October full moon it is tough for us astrologers to tell you exactly what and how you will see this energy manifest within your unique chart as Uranus keeps us all surprised with the bag of tricks he carries around in his hands! We are also completely under the influence of Venus as she rules Taurus but remember she is feeling confused, lost, and reflective as she is retrograde.

What we have swirling in the cosmos is a change of heart. Venus rules love, beauty, relationships, and our spending money and when she second guesses herself like this we all feel it. Funds tend to dry up and out or trickle in and the same thing goes for our feelings of love and connection with others. The October full moon will expose thoughts and emotions that have been lying dormant, some we didn’t even know about—remember, Uranus is going to surprise you!

This sounds tough to deal with but this will create a chance for you to connect deeper in to your values—what you truly want, what is important to you, what you can’t live without. Venus transiting Scorpio will never allow you to settle for less than what she knows you deserve. She wants security, intimacy, purpose, and meaning. That’s why during her retrograde phase she is working to dig through your mental—and sometimes literal!—closet to find the things that don’t inspire her and she knows you don’t love to make space and room for what will give infinite value and meaning to your life. This purge is intensified because the full moon stirs it all up to life!

On the flipside, it’s very possible for people to find themselves connecting on deeper levels to partners and finding deeper meaning in the way that they make their money. You can channel Uranus’ energy by staying open and flexible to the ideas that he will be sending over to you—they’ll come in quickly like little mini mental downloads!—so you’ll want to keep a journal nearby to capture the sparks of inspiration before you forget and lose them. Also, he is working to surprise you so stay open to spontaneous dates or changes in your relationship (how you communicate, share love, help each other, etc.). Uranus works at a pace that is light years ahead of the rest of the planets because he sees ahead into the future. For this reason, it’s important to remember that he is delivering to you what you need now so that you are ready for what is to come—even if it doesn’t make sense to you in this moment.


Because we are working with the element of surprise this October full moon we should focus on magick that is portable and that you can carry around in your pocket, backpack, or purse. Mojo bags are designed for this purpose! 

The night of the full moon write a prayer—my favorite to use is the Never Failing St. Michael’s Prayer—on a piece of paper along with the things, relationships, and people you wish to speak protection over. Fold the paper into 5, the number of protection. Tuck the prayer into a black, red, silver, or blue mojo bag and fill it with bay leaf, wormwood, yarrow, and lavender. Tuck in your bag or hang somewhere safe in the home.