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Jessica Wiggan


October New Moon + Self Love Ritual

Feel your Best, Manifest the Best!

October 8th 2018 at 8:47 pm PST there will be the October new moon in the sign of Libra! After a year of intense growth, transition and challenges this will be one of the first new moons where the majority of the planets are actually not retrograde, besides Venus and Neptune!

If you’re not too exhausted from feeling like you’ve been walking in mud — because retrograde planets have a way of making us feel that way! — then the night of this October new moon is the perfect moment to think about restoring balance in your life, walking a new path, and building up important relationships!

For the majority of us we have watched as the planets were teaching and guiding us to be more self-reliant by learning how to stand on our own two feet as Mars and Uranus were butting heads, to pursue our dreams fearlessly as Jupiter and Neptune met in a beautiful trine, and also the importance of being patient while we watched the universe rearrange our lives around us by using retrograde planets and the eclipses.

Now, with this October new moon in Libra you have permission to restore the balance of your new normal by taking the pieces of what the cosmos have given you — new people, places, and spaces! — and begin to build with that! It may have initially been hard for you to see the greater vision for what the cosmos have had in store for you as some of the major planets for growth and expansion were retrograde but now as the dust is settling things will begin to fall into place and make sense!

Libra is known for not only bringing BALANCE to your life but also beauty. It’s important to remember that life is not meant to be all bare bones, hand work, and serious matter all of the time; in fact, it’s essential for humans to experience the pleasure of the senses and to feel and look our best to round out the beauty of our unique life experience! This restores our energy so we can smile and give from hearts with positive intent — something that can’t happen if we are drained and miserable.

Libra is quick to bring that to you and with this October new moon, her energy is twirling around you with a glam squad to spruce up and bedazzle your world!

Because of this, you will want to think about how you can add extra sparkle into your life! This doesn’t only mean glitter and glam, so think about what the Universe can serve you to help you to feel comfortable and at peace — a luxury for many! Don’t hold yourself back from visualizing the magic you want in your life for the October new moon in Libra  is taking notes and seeing what all that she can whip up on a gold platter for you!

Relationships and partnerships of all kinds are also areas for you to think about. Do you want to spruce up an important business alliance with new ideas or projects? Set the intention for that! If you want to invite romance into your life – that can also be yours! Libra rules the beauty of these things but first you must at least ask!

Again, after the growth of this year I am proud to look at our astrology community and see so many people feeling this next level in self-love and understanding! This is because the cosmos have tested you in a way that is designed to show you that you can believe in your own strength! You know that are strong — that is a fact! — but even the strongest people still need to be pampered and appreciated so this new moon will wait on you hand and foot for what will make you feel like the ultimate king or queen!

Self-Love Bath Ritual for the October New Moon in Libra!~

  1. Use sage, incense (rose, cinnamon, or myrrh are excellent choices!), or palo santo to cleanse the energy of your bathroom or bathing area. 

  2. Shower using your usual soap and water to cleanse your skin. 

  3. Step out and fill your tub with bath water. As the tub fills and you are wrapped in your robe or towel, focus on things you want to invite into your life that will help you to feel luxurious — for example: a massage, bowls of fruit and honey for breakfast on the weekends, roses delivered to your doorstep, etc. —  and other intentions that you want to focus on for this October new moon, including love and partnerships. It helps to journal these visions and intentions down as it gives them power to blossom and grow.

  4. When the bath is filled with water, add coconut milk and a blend of echinacea, rose, chamomile, and clover. If you can’t find all of these herbs or flowers than use your own favorite flower blend that represents what you want to attract into your life. Soak yourself in the tub luxuriating with feelings of gratitude for this moment and what is to come!