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Pisces Full Moon- Fate Activated! Call in Your Destiny!

Jessica Wiggan


Jessica Wiggan


Aries New Moon Magick & Ritual

Break a Curse and Read About the Details of this New Moon!

On April 5, 2019 at 3:52 am CST the skies erupt with the energy from the Aries new moon! If there was a time that you could find yourself being forced outside of your comfort zone or to begin a new journey and phase in your life this is it! Aries is the leader of the zodiac and while paired with the energy of a new moon (the universe’s signal for new beginnings and ventures) you are signaled to take the first step to plant the seed for the rest of your journey.

Usually the thing that scares us the most tends to be the one thing that will hold the most value and adventure for you… and that is exactly what I see in this new moon’s astrology chart. For starters, no matter what your sun or rising sign you will still be inspired and called by the voice of new moon. It’s possible that some will feel this more than others depending on the placement of the planets within their chart but for all of us the new moon will work to trigger your movement to be bold and fearless. This is because Aries is the start of the entire zodiac, the sign that leads the way for the others. Without Aries we would never feel the call to start anything new, to venture out, or to take that bold leap of faith because looking at starting any new journey would be too daunting and we would convince ourselves that we were happy with the status quo and that the potential for the reward isn’t worth the risk.

Instinctively as if you are summoned by some force from within you are called to emerge at the new moon. The risk of staying too tightly bound for any longer is greater than the risk of you blooming and that is exactly what you will start to do. This journey revolves directly around you and your needs and it’s okay now for you to be selfish with yourself and your time. Aries gives you permission to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to what you instinctively know is in your best interest. Some of you will be launching new businesses or ventures, exploring new places, finding yourself needing to be more active in your life, or even diving into aspects of yourself you never knew existed.

Now, I do see an emphasis on facing any type of suffering or pain that may be lingering from events that have happened to you or around you. We all know that life can presents moments that are not easy, to say the least. Some of those moments are because we are here to learn while others have to do with the universe just working to balance itself out and because we are apart of the greater whole we can be soaked by the rain of those moments. Chiron (the wounded healer, as we astrologers like to affectionally call it) is being tightly aspected by Mars (the planet of war ) who also happens to be the planet that co-rules the Aries new moon. This can ignite memories or even moments now where you will triggered, provoked, and ignited up. Because Mars is known for his aggression- in both good and bad ways- the chance of you being angered and upset is higher than normal for our new moon. This is a great moment to remember that anger is one of those emotions that doesn’t come alone. If we are angry it is because we are hurt, frustrated, sad or some other feeling that may be difficult to express or feel. If you do find yourself getting provoked around the time of the moon take it as a chance to directly see a vulnerable spot within you that needs additional healing and support. This could be the journey that the new moon is opening for you- a chance to heal aspects of yourself you didn’t even know were hurt or wounded and to not allow them to influence how you react to others, yourself, or the world you live in.

Saturn (planet of rules and structure) squares off with the new moon and asks you to be your own greatest advocate. The week of the new moon you may find your patience being tested and you will called to act with maturity and grace. At the same time, your own ego may be flaring up and even your confidence tested but again these are all lessons of love given to you by the cosmos to show you how strong you are! The way to work with this is to take your next steps seriously. If you are in a negative situation or place you no longer want to be in it is time for you to plan to move on or even to take the leap on your own! You may have fear but what is out there is far better than anything toxic or draining to you now!

As if on cue, Mercury (the planet that rules communication and the mind) aligns perfectly with Neptune. This will work to heighten your sensitivity- you will become hyper aware of vibes that are not good for you and at the same time your intuition will ping and communicate with you what you need to do next. Just like Saturn suggests- take these messages seriously. This is your gut instinct telling you that it is time for you to move into a position so that you can continue to thrive and bloom like a beautiful rose!


Red brick dust is not only super easy to find but it is powerful in removing curses and hexes of all kinds! A curse or a hex is bad intentions or evil thrown at you which can surround you for a moment or follow you for lifetimes and generations. It’s even possible that a curse could not have been originally directed at you but still impacts you after it was placed on your ancestors and designed to trail on as each new child is born, dragging the ill will from one life to another. You’ll know that you have a curse or hex on you if you have consistent bad luck in one area of your life or you feel evil or bad vibes around you. This is how to break free, and the perfect time to do this spell is during the Aries new moon.

You’ll Need:

  • One Red Brick 

  • A hammer 

  • A broom you don’t mind throwing away 

  • Spring Water

  • Blessed or Charged Holy Water or Florida Water


Smash a chunk of a red brick with a hammer (carefully… don’t hurt yourself or others, please) until it turns into a fine powder. Scoop half of the powder into a bucket of clean spring water. Clean your home, objects you feel are cursed, and even yourself with this water. Take the remaining half of the red brick powder and sprinkle around the outside of the perimeter of your home while the red brick water inside the home dries. Once the inside of the home is dried sweep the floors with the broom until the red brick dust is gone while saying a prayer asking for your angels, God, or the universe to rid you and your home of any evil or bad luck that has followed you. Afterwards, you should feel the energy of the home (and yourself) lighten but repeat if necessary. Take a cool shower and follow up by splashing the blessed water or Florida water on you and the four major corners of your home.


Jessica Wiggan

On January 21, 2019 at 12:15 am EST the moon in Leo will oppose the sun in Aquarius that will light up the sky! Total lunar eclipses are powerful moments in the cosmos that have the potential to bring in intense change- but change that is always destined to be for all of our highest and greatest good. Jess breaks down the details and provides a ritual that you can use to work your magick!

Read More

January Eclipse - Details & Ritual for your Dream Job!

Jessica Wiggan


January Solar Eclipse

Details and Ritual to Manifest your Dream Job!

It’s time for your January 2019 new moon spell! We welcome in with open arms the first new moon of the year, the January new moon partial solar eclipse in Capricorn. On January 5, 2019 at 5:29pm PST, the sun and moon meet in the sign of Capricorn to plant the seed of new beginning for 2019!

Capricorn’s energy has always been focused — dedicated and committed. This is the essence of what the January new moon partial solar eclipse will give to you. Capricorn’s interest is always on the longterm; it covers not just this moment or this year, but the years (and even generations!) to come.

Are you ready to buckle down and do the work?

What are you ready to commit yourself to? Is it a happy or loving relationship; higher quality of living; healthier diet and lifestyle; work that is meaningful and financially generous? Envision it and call it in now.

This doesn’t come without a price, however. In exchange for “forever” and “lasting,” you’ll need to be mentally and emotionally ready. Maturity isn’t defined by your age—young and old alike will be asked to rise up and commit to the vision of this goal. You must be prepared to roll your sleeves up to do the work required to help protect and build toward your desired outcome. Don’t worry—the universe arranges itself to support and connect you to the right people and opportunities at the right time.

It’s time to focus up during this January new moon

Mercury (the planet of communication) is moving through the sign of Capricorn and is further signaling how serious-minded and focused you’ll need to be. This energy can feel heavy—although that’s not its intention. It’s just the universe and cosmos arranging themselves to let you know they want you to take your intentions seriously in order to give them life. They don’t want you to take the dreams of your heart as a joke, or to see them as trivial. They need you to know the potential to build and create your deepest desires is very real.

You see, Capricorn and Saturn both rule practical and realistic. As in, what is realistic in the eyes of the Universe. As humans we sometimes think something seems impossible or out of reach because it appears too good to be true. However, the universe will see it and see that it’s more than possible. We just need to start working now to bring it in or to prepare for its arrival!

You’ve got back up

Neptune is moving (slowly) through the sign of Pisces and support to this January new moon partial solar eclipse. Pisces and Neptune together rule the unseeable—what we cannot see but what we can feel. It’s intuition, divine intervention, and faith. For this, there’s a voice within you that will signal the specific dream and its details so you’ll know intuitively what you’re ready to commit to. It won’t feel like a burden or weight because the beauty of its manifestation in your life will make the weight of any commitment completely worth it and an easy decision!

Pluto is circulating close to this January new moon and infusing the element of total transformation—of you, as well as the energy of your current circumstances. This means that the magic and intention created during this night will not only be impactful and lasting, but will effortlessly invite the right amount of transition and adjustment in to support the blessing that’s waiting to materialize.

A major power blast

Lastly, it’s important to mention the power quietly surging behind this January new moon! Mars is finally strong in the sign of Aries after lingering in Pisces! Mars in Aries is now supercharged with energy. He (Mars) has been conserving his energy for the right moment—and it’s finally here! This will work to give you the extra shove and get the ball rolling on your behalf. You’ll feel this as a strong nudge to assert yourself during or soon after the January new moon. Aries energy is bold, fearless, and the leader of the zodiac. If it’s normally out of your comfort zone to be assertive, the universe understands, but will still encourage you to put yourself out there. The effort will be worth it and rewarded.

Mercury squares Mars creating enough tension within you and around you to do something proactive about changing your circumstances for the better. When you intuitively feel the call to act, do so as Mars rules action!

Mercury (ruling the mind) and Mars (ruling action) together is the cosmos way of saying don’t take less than what you deserve anymore! No compromising and no settling!

January new moon “Dream Job” magick

We’re working with fire and earth for this moon ritual.

What You’ll Need

  1. Sage and/or incense

  2. Journal or paper

  3. Pen or pencil

  4. Green, gold, or white candle

  5. A pot (optional)

What You’ll Do

  1. Create your sacred space by burning sage or incense around you.

  2. Invite in your spirit guides, ancestors or Divine Spirit to stay with you while you write your intention and to provide their own.

  3. Write down, in detail, the work you want to manifest. Remember to be clear and specific.

  4. When you’re done, read it out loud.

  5. Light a green, gold, or white candle.

  6. Reread your intent list, truly feeling it from your heart and inviting your guides to help work to manifest this intention.

  7. Then, burn the paper and bury in a pot that you keep within the home or blow the ashes into the wind.


Get a Reading with Jessica

1 on 1 astrology, tarot, intuitive guidance!


Jessica Wiggan



COVERING DEC 31, 2019- JAN 6TH, 2019


Happy new year, my loves!

It’s only the beginning and we’re already starting with a bang!!! This is why I’ve been telling you guys to relax and coast (as much as you can!) for the final 2-3 weeks of 2018 to conserve your energy for this moment!

As you know, Mars was moving through Pisces which had us all feeling like we were either walking through mud or trying to run in water- it was absolutely impossible! Emotionally things were bubbling up to the surface- feelings we needed to face after one of the most challenging years in a long time. It was almost like we were being called to DETOX- and I suggested and saw the emphasis of earth and water meeting for magick. I called in charged bath soaks, herbal soaks, tears, sweat, baptisms, floating… merging the salt of the earth with what sustains life: water.

We NEEDED this in order to create a clean slate and prepare for 2019. Now here we are!


  • 1/1: Mars (action) moves into Aries. Now this is where finally we are able to turn our own personal ‘energy packs’ on! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the one who charges forward and leads the way for the other signs and Mars moving into this sign for the first of the year ignites you so you are now most likely in a place where you can take ACTION on your plans that have been budding and building! The planets will show you potential energy- they won’t make the moves FOR you. So this is giving you the green light to focus, to lock in to your goal and begin to assert the energy of effort required for a relationship, career, travel, etc. to take it off of the ground!

    (see intuitive message card share below for additional confirmation!)

  • 1/2 - Sun (life energy/ focus) meets with Saturn in the sign of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn)! Sun is currently moving through Capricorn emphasizing focus, dedication, commitment, hardworking. This brings stability to your goals and if invested and you’re willing to work hard what you initiate during this time has a greater chance of lasting than during any other moment or transit. The sun meeting with Saturn grounds you tremendously- you are able to see and feel things for with they are and create a concrete plan to support and grow them.

  • 1/4- Mercury (communication) meets with Neptune; this is the perfect combination as sun is still conjoined with Saturn! What we have is good ideas, conversations, connections that flow to you and forward effortlessly with the ability to take them from a dream and idea to actual materialization. This is a day for meetings, idea exchanges, publishing, brainstorming, creative projects, expressing yourself, writing intentions, working magick. (see below for herbs to compliment the energy of this week for magick) // Sun sextile Neptune; creates an inner glow that connects you with ease to the divine. Tap into this through mediation, intention, prayer! Ask for messages, signs, and confirmation! Pull out your tarot, pendulum, etc. Answers will come!

  • 1/5 Mercury moves into Capricorn- again, more signs that something is budding and ready to materialize! Capricorn is notorious for focusing on work, career, social status, rules, and structure but it extends outside of that. What are you committing yourself to? Create a plan for yourself. Get organized. Make room for it! The planets need to see tangible efforts to help bring in tangible results!

  • 1/6 New Moon in Capricorn- Solar Eclipse! A separate post with details for this moon will be added shortly! There is so much to talk about with this baby!

Herbs available for candle magick, ritual, offerings, and more in BehatiLife Apothecary.

Herbs available for candle magick, ritual, offerings, and more in BehatiLife Apothecary.


Focus on fire and earth this week. Put water magick, bath soaks, detoxes to rest. Candle magick, divination, herbal and earth offerings (fruit, seeds, plants, incense are to take center stage now).

Calendula, chicory, resurrection rose, John the conqueror root, sage, basil, Hawthorn berries, juniper, lovage, linden!



“The burden of responsibility/commitment is a worthwhile weight to carry when it’s something that is valuable to you, no matter how inconvenient.” •

Meaning: if you love it & see its value it may not be the easiest load to carry but the effort you put in will feel worth it as well as the reward.
People will do whatever it takes for the things that they love… or they look for any excuse to drop the weight of the things that they don’t appreciate or value.
Moving into 2019 some things will be worth you carrying forward into the new year, while others you simply need to abandon.
Approach from 2 different perspectives- the logic & the heart.
Logic- does it serve a purpose? Does it make sense for you? Do you see it’s value? Does it bring you balance? Peace? (JUSTICE)
Heart- do you love it? Do you find yourself drawn to it? Is life better when it is around? Does it make you happy, smile, feel light? (KNIGHT OF CUPS)
If it FILLS you, it comes. (10 OF WANDS)
Also, sometimes not ALL needs to be tossed out simply because one or a few aspects of that thing aren’t working or the way you’d ideally picture it to be.
Maybe the shell of that thing is worth building upon, versus you throwing it all away.
You can work with what you have been given to begin to create what you want.
Use your #intention to create the change to build & complete the picture of your perfect life!

☝🏾☝🏾LAST THING- sometimes this weight is emotional.
If you carry ‘trauma’ from your PAST we don’t want that to spill into the magic of your PRESENT.
Who or what is around you now with a full heart (knight of cups) was not the person or thing that left you originally bruised or scarred, in fact they may really have a pure heart & honest intention!
Maybe they may LOOK similar (the feeling of love doesn’t really change, you know….) but they are NOT the same.
Give ‘newness’ a chance.
Be open to be vulnerable or to at least try.
JUSTICE restores balance and fairness, encouraging EQUAL opportunity for ALL.
If they weren’t the ones that hurt you they should not be the ones to receive the punishment.



Intensive study of the tarot, mentorship, and exclusive group- all within the Sacred Circle Tarot School!


Jessica Wiggan


Learn the Tarot with Jess…

The Sacred Circle Tarot School is now open…


Jessica Wiggan

Are you ready for a December new moon spell? I am! Let’s face it, the majority of 2018 has been tough for many with the most of the planets retrograde or clashing with each other. The feeling has caused tension but it has created the friction in your life that is mandatory to support your personal growth. The cracks and pieces of your life that were feeling broken are actually the parts of you that are opening up to create the space for seedlings to be planted and that’s exactly what you will start to witness now—starting with the December new moon in Sagittarius!

Going deep and expanding your horizons

New moons are the catalysts of the zodiac that will work to swing open doors for your behalf and this moon will work to do that for you. This December new moon is the first one since Jupiter—the planet of abundance!—has moved into the sign of Sagittarius so there are extra levels of richness that the cosmos will bring. But first, you’ll need to know what to look for or you may miss it.

Sagittarius is connected to travel, personal expansion, and adventure! It’s one of the fearless pioneers of the zodiac and its job is to push you to discover more through your need to understand your own truth—and not what others have decided for you! It also wants you to understand the mysteries and wonders hidden in the world.

Moving forward with purpose

Mars and Neptune merge at the time of the December new moon and send an assertive shove to get you moving forward with intuitively following paths that normally you would have been afraid or too hesitant to take. Mars rules our action and Neptune connects you to your inner wisdom and the two together will allow you to hear the call of the unknown and to take the first steps forward.

For some of you this may mean starting new classes or areas of study, while others may be taking steps to book travel or journeys into their own personal “unknown.” Spirituality becomes your focus as well as finding out what adventure awaits! Either way, this dream that you have for yourself becomes a reality versus something that you have only previously wished and hoped for!

This December new moon will have you realizing that your experience here on Earth is filled with places to explore. This exploration doesn’t have to mean booking a trip across the globe—although for some that can totally be the case. It’s also exploration of the mind and self through research, or at least through having something shift your perspective and open your eyes.

Karma, fate, and your true north

However this will manifest for you—and it’s different for everyone because we all have different natal charts that will be influenced uniquely by the moon—it’s for sure to be destined to be connected to your karma and fate. This is because Mercury (the planet that rules your mind, communication, and messages you hear and see!) is moving slowly through the sign of Scorpio (the sign that brings transformation, purpose, and meaning into your life on deeper levels) and aspects the north node—the point within the chart that lights up the sky to direct you to where you need to go! Think of the north node as your North Star guiding you through even through the most difficult or confusing of times to get to your destiny! It brings hope, healing but sometimes that doesn’t come without a struggle. Keep your eyes on the North Star and you will always be protected!

The north node in this case falls in the sign of sensitive Cancer, which rules the home. For many the home environment represents where we are most comfortable. However, just because it’s comfortable, that doesn’t mean you should stay there forever!

Mercury will help to show you the signs through ideas that you have, the things you see (synchronicity, anyone?!). Don’t be afraid to break from your comfort zones, or at to least set the intention for doing so in the future. Remember, even baby steps make a difference!

~*~Sagittarius New Moon Magick~*~

What You’ll Need: 
1. Tiger’s eye, citrine, amber, or yellow jasper.
2. Sage or salt.

What You’ll Do:
First, cast a circle around you using sage or salt. Ask the higher power to be with you and to bless your space and make it sacred.

Then, hold your chosen crystal, and ask for confidence, self esteem, and for your path to be open and clear to you. All the while, visualize gold energy from the Divine source healing and supporting your sacral chakra as well as transferring this energy to the crystal piece.

Say a blessing over the crystal: “Where I am weak, now I am strong. I have courage and the broken parts of me are filled with seeds of potential for growth and healing! My energy is high, my health is vibrant, and I am thriving! Bless my steps, bless my path, for my highest and greatest good always! So shall it be!”

Carry the piece of crystal or jewelry with you always or as needed.


Jessica Wiggan



For ALL signs!

Traditionally, Scorpio season is known for drawing out our shadow sides, and, this year, the season brings major changes for all of us.

Venus stationed retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5, and  there she will remain until she moves into her home sign of Libra on October 31. While retrograde in Scorpio, Venus will have all of us re-evaluating our partnerships, money, and self expression, while pushing us to self-reflect and invite a deeper sense of intimacy into our lives.

Mercury is also moving through Scorpio this month, nudging us to be far more exclusive about with whom we share our thoughts and how we share moments. Also, the full and new moons that occur during Scorpio season will trigger deeper waves of understanding  and  help us connect with what the universe is prepping and priming us to build and create.

Let’s look to the Tarot to get a deeper understanding of what is in store for you. These tarotscopes can be read for your sun, moon, and rising signs.


5 of Wands & 2 of Pentacles

This Scorpio season, you’re firing on all cylinders, Aries. This is most likely because Mars, the planet that rules your sign, is finally strong and helping you to make moves when it comes to your work, goals, and purpose.

The cards and cosmos both are giving you the green light to be the natural leader you are. It is time to stand front and center and let your voice be heard and your and talents be known.

You will also most likely be taking on multiple projects and handling a lot of  responsibility, so make sure that you are taking care of yourself. You need to keep your energy high and momentum going.

2 of Pentacles paired with 5 of Wands is notorious for piling a lot on your plate but only for short amount of time. Be careful with who and what you are promising. Make sure you can follow through on those commitments to avoid any future disappointments and frustrations that may arise in  November and December.


10 of Wands and King of Swords (RX)

It seems like stress and frustration could be higher than usual for you this Scorpio season, Taurus. It doesn’t help that there seems to be someone in your environment that is pushing deadlines, expectations, or negativity your way.  Try to access empathy by realizing that perhaps they are being stretched too thin as well.

The King of Swords Reversed reveals that you may come across as cold, calculating, and harsh with your words and demeanor, even if that is not your intention. Your sign’s ruler Venus will be retrograde for most of this season, potentially drying up the sweetness in relationships and making your money flow turn to a trickle. Plan ahead for this now so you’re not overburdened then.

The good news is that it is temporary and is teaching you self-reliance. You’ll come out stronger in the end after flexing your muscles of independence!


8 of Pentacles (RX) & 7 of Swords (RV)

This Scorpio season might bring a dip in your energy, Gemini. Either you’re taking on too much or just not feeling motivated. You might also notice others around you skating by, just doing the bare minimum.

Gemini’s have a tendency to have many ideas and interests at one time, so it’s possible that you are mentally overwhelmed or distracted. Pace yourself and do the best that you can.

What can help is revisiting old projects and people and fine-tuning those connections and relationships. In the meantime, capture your newer ideas as they come through for the next couple months, when your mind will be clearer and your energy levels higher and focused.


Knight of Pentacles and 8 of Wands (RX)

Moon child, you’ll need to take your time. Pace yourself. Even if life seems to be speeding by and there are many things you know you want – or need – to do, you still need to take a deep breath and go slow.

There will be a lot of action around you this Scorpio season. You might find yourself feeling like a spinning top, and it’s important that you pause to connect with your intuition to determine your next steps.

Even if deadlines are quickly approaching or people are pushing down on you with expectations, there is no need to rush into anything. As a cardinal sign, you draw your power from your emotions so stay grounded so you can FEEL clearly what you need to do next and act accordingly.


Page of Cups and Hierophant (RX)

Leo, your heart is pulling you in a direction that may be totally different than your usual norm, but this is the spice that makes life exciting!

Page of Cups is showing up to present an invitation that pulls at your heartstrings while the Hierophant suggests that it most likely will be something unconventional.

It’s easy to ask others for advice as far as what you should do, but honestly some questions can only be answered from your heart.  Don’t be afraid to walk your own path this Scorpio season. The butterflies in your stomach will be confirmation that you are doing the right thing and at the right place at the right time.



Scorpio season will bring to you the chance to change your scenery and life in BIG ways, Virgo.

8 of Cups has a notorious reputation for suggesting some sadness and disappointment. But, it’s important to realize this: The moves you are making this Scorpio season are absolutely for your highest and greatest good. They will come with perfect timing and will lead into you into a space where you will be better able to thrive.

The Strength card confirms this. This card only appears for those who are capable and are channeling their energy in ways that are constructive not only in the moment but also for the future.,

Feeling emotional during this transition is normal. Be sure to also pull in the element of excitement, because this is a clear sign that you are evolving to the next level.



As the ruler of your sign will be retrograde all of this season, Libra, you might be feeling in a funk, unlucky, or confused for just a moment as the cosmos rearrange themselves.

However, this is the best time for you to settle yourself. Life has honestly been a bit wild for you lately and it doesn’t seem like you’ve truly had a chance to catch your breath.

This Scorpio season may not feel easy. You’ll need to look at the people and things that you truly want to surround yourself with. And, I mean, really look at them. Go over this area of your life with a fine-toothed comb, and  remember: quality over quantity.

The universe will support you through this by placing you in positions where you will need to choose, which is not easy for you. But know that, at the end of the season, you’ll have a chance to start over fresh and the wheel of luck and fortune will turn in your favor once again.



Happy solar return, Scorpio!

The Hermit can suggest that you’ll want to take some quiet time pulled away from the world for a moment. But, more than that, it suggests that you are going to be need to look internally for what will make life here on earth more magical for you.

While the Hermit gives you a chance to see the truth of what feels right for you, what is missing, and what you want, the Chariot supports you in making those moves to bring it all in. 

This season, look for what is missing. But, instead of seeing lack, adjust your eyes so you can see the opportunity. Make your wish from your heart while you blow out the birthday candles, and your intention will grow.



Sagittarius, this season the cosmos have positioned you to learn the most in a short amount of time. This is something to welcome in with open arms! It’s the  universe’s way of making sure that you will never be stagnant.

However, you will be tested. Old situations and people from your past have a higher chance of popping up into your life again. It’s up to you decide if you want to reconnect or not.

If you do decide to take a trip down memory lane, make sure that you are taking with you the lessons that you have learned so you’re not repeating mistakes that originally may have tripped you up. Remember, when you know better you do better, so apply all that you have learned and shoot for a different outcome.



This season, your mind will be lit up and active with ideas, important conversations and connections, problem solving, Capricorn! 

The Page of Swords gives you strength and power behind your words and thinking. This is a chance for you to see the silver lining in everything and fix any issues as they arise, so that the projects and relationships you are building are strong and able to withstand the test of time.

Also, you may find yourself being drawn to pick up old hobbies and interests. Follow that instinct! It will act as a stress reliever. Ease up, and create space in your schedule to make time for mental breaks that are not connected to your work and you will be the better for it.



Aquarius, you have a chance to revisit someone or something from the past this season… and it’s up to you to decide what you are going to do with this connection.

For someone who has been been spending so much time focusing on attracting new energy into your future, it can be confusing when old opportunities show up. But, this is a chance for you to revisit what did and didn’t work then, so you can apply it in ways that will help you as you move forward.

The 8 of cups might make you feel like you’re moving backward, but 7 of Pentacles wants you to take a step back and look at the greater picture. When you do, you will have more clarity around where you should focus your energy, because you will be able to see what is growing.



Life comes at you fast with the 8 of Wands and Judgement card combination!

Pisces, something is blowing in through an open window and into your life. And on this wind you will find excitement, but more importantly, awareness.

You are the sign that is most often connected with the cosmos. And, when you’re drifting on the wave of your own imagination, it can be tough to see things for what they actually are.

However, whatever this is will help you to see life clearly. Use the knowledge you gain to build a firm foundation to give your dreams fertile ground to grow and thrive!