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Jessica Wiggan




The Leo eclipse activates the energy of hearts and minds coming together…love flows effortlessly and doors swing open with this moon and card! You as who YOU are- your unique self-accepting and loving ALL of what you are and sharing that heart with others, accepting them for who they are! Love & understanding radiate around all those who picked this card- connection to others instantly increases when your heart is open and you sent intentions for and with LOVE!



Who do you most look up to? What/who do you strive to be? Seek to be that- find those who have similar paths and connect with them. Open doors for yourself by reaching out to connect with others. Use your gifts to shed light for others who will look to you for your wisdom and experience. Also, what signs are you seeing lately? For those that picked this card I see little trails of ‘fairy dust’ being left on purpose to help guide you and light the way…



Be easy, be easy, be easy! For those that picked this card I feel the energy of. STRENGTH radiating all around this card! This is awesome because your vibration is POWERfull but also you’ll need to let the universe tend to your intentions and help them to grow too. You have done  (or will do!) the magic… but after that step back and let the Higher Power and your angels naturally unfold things for you… Check out my video on how I set intentions if you need to… it's a great reminder/check in!

How I Set Intentions- Quick, Powerful Methods!

Jessica Wiggan

Intentions are powerful requests energetically sent out to the universe to brings additional blessing, abundance, and experiences into your life! Don't be afraid to ask for what you want or would love to have- the Universe is abundantly filled and we have a generous higher power!

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Jessica Wiggan

August 21st we have a huge new moon solar eclipse in the sign of Leo! This is going to be a powerful game changer and door opener for most of us and you're definitely going to want to set out some time to set intentions and focus your energy to capitalize on these vibes!

Of course, I have all the details for you PLUS an intuitive message for you to watch and enjoy!

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Also, the Leo Eclipse Intention & Beauty Oil will be created the night of the eclipse!

You can preorder this and include your own special intentions while I hand make and charge your bottle!

Forms are included with each order to make this magical process easier for you!

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BehatiLife Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Jessica Wiggan

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide!

How to Make this Transit Work for YOU!

I know everyone gets all worked up and panicky with the mention of mercury going retrograde.

Yes, it can create chaos in the form of missed communications, things tend to get lost or misplaced, progress starts to slow, etc.

Yes, it is true that you shouldn't sign permanent contracts, buy new cars or electronics.

Yes, it can trip you up when you stumble over your words, misread important details, or find yourself lost in translation!

BUT a lot of good things can come from this and as you've heard me say time & time again, "Work WITH the energy of the planets and they will work FOR you- not against you"!

Let me explain...

Mercury Retrograde Gives Us the Chance To:

1.) Slow down and pause!

2.) Readdress and Reaccess!

3.) Revisit the areas that have gone through significant changes to ensure that we are still moving smoothly along our path and the decisions we've made feel right!

4.) Keep an eye out for what bubbles up (hello again, missed opportunity!)

Not bad, huh?

Added Bonus: The Cosmic "Do Over"!

You see, the universe is ALWAYS testing us! Why? Well because as humans with a soul we need to grow. Growth happens when we are challenged!

A lot of us (the majority of us) have been going through some serious transitions and had life changing awakening experiences within the last couple of months.

We've made some serious decisions as far as where we are going in the direction of our lives.

We've had to cut out people and/or start new and more significant relationships. Some moved or had some changes in their home environment that they may or may not have had control over. The list of transformations in all areas of our lives goes on and on- maybe happening one at a time or seemingly all at once!

A lot of what you have seen- these endings and beginnings- would under normal circumstances be relatively permanent.

With Mercury retrograding things of the past (or near past) resurface so we can face them one more time and determine if the fate that we decided for it should remain the same or be altered and adjusted.

When the planet kicks back into a forward motion (a.k.a. "goes direct") we'll know for sure that the conclusion we've come to is right.
Don't be surprised if you hear or run into old friends or exes, previous employers, or if past job oppurtunities begin to call you back now. If you are looking for a job and a previous desired company calls you now to hire you and you decide to take the job- that is fine. If it feels right, do it. Antique shopping, selling your old car or belongings, cleaning out your closet and organizing, etc. are things that are supported during this Mercury Retrograde time.
So for once, let's rejoice in this opportunity to pause! You need a break- I need a break- we ALL need a break! Deep breaths in, label your important belongings, and back up your hard drives and you should (and WILL) be fine!

WEEKLY FORECAST/ ASTRO UPDATE- August 14th- 20th- Global & Governmental Shifts!

Jessica Wiggan

Cosmic Chaos- Global and Govenmental Shifts!

We start this report with most of the planets in a tailspin!

Mercury just recently went retrograde, Uranus also is retrograde, Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto have been retrograde for a while.

We can witness the energy of the turned around planets easily by just clicking on the news and watching the global chaos spark outrage and tension. Also, issues of the past rise up to the surface in present day time pushing for resolution, balance, and equality. This is what happens when you have Jupiter in balance and equaliy loving Libra, Saturn in Sagittarius highlighting people and cultures globally along with acceptance and education, Pluto in Capricorn creation transformation of the 'old ways' and goverment, and Uranus in Aries leading the fire for innovation and change!

In our personal lives we are being comforted and protected and have little to worry about – stay in space of love and light, remain flexible and open and you'll be just fine!

Mercury Retrograde- Gift in Disguise?

Even Mercury retrograde in the sign of Virgo (the sign that it rules!) can act as a blessing! This is because for the last few months the the majority of us have been required to make some heavy decisions based upon what is for our highest and greatest good. At the time you make the decisions based upon what you envision for your future and what you think will be best but as you grow in the upcoming months you'll see that you may need to revisit past recent decisions and make some changes. Mercury retrograde gives you that opportunity!

You have until Sept 5th to capitalize on this energy- when Mercury turns direct again.

Luna Thrives- Solar Eclipse in Leo, Amonst other Beautiful Things!

Also working on all our behalves is the moon falling comfortably within the sign of Taurus! The planets pick favorites and choose sides and moon simply adores the energy of Taurus and she thrills as she saunters her way through the sign! The last few weeks she (the moon!) has been the center of our attention as she has been the lead player in the recent passing Full Moon eclipse and she will also be an important piece of the upcoming solar eclipse in the sign of leo!

With this combination a few important words come to me- decadence, self love, and especially 'recognition'- a word that has held special meaning for all of us for the past couple of months!

Why? Well, because Leo rules extravagance! It is a sign that knows that it worthy of beautiful experiences, people, and things. This solar eclipse connects you back to your VALUE and also the things & people you value. Surround yourself in all that makes you radiant! Remove from your aura and space anything that dims or threatens your shine!

This eclipse also brings in the vibration of creation! This is perfect for those with small businesses, artists, or those who have children or want to focus on adding to their families. With this new moon solar eclipse you have the opportunity to capitalize on this energy and build even further!

Of course, Mercury being retrograde warns you not to rush or dive into commitments without double- no, TRIPLE- checking details first AND Uranus' current switch to retrograde motion is notorious for shocking revelations and surprising twists and turns in life! These are the things that make life interesting and fun... again, only if you remember to remain flexible, open... and a good sense of humor doesn't hurt!

Important Dates:

  • 12th: Mercury is retrograde- be aware of miscommunications, label your items with your name on them in case they go missing, back your phone up, and triple check details of you absolutely must sign agreements or important documents!
  • 13th- Sun trine Saturn- excellent day for planning/visualizing the future! Also wonderful for health check ups, meetings & discussions, organizing, and restructuring plans!
  • 15th- Venus Opposes Pluto- control issues can surface in relationships of ALL kinds. Problems can surface with partners, easily.
  • 16th- Venus square Saturn- relationships tested even further! Commitments feel heavy or relationship burdens/woes are highlighted.
  • 21st- Solar Eclipse in Leo! Set your intentions and remember the keywords- recognition, self love/value, and decadence!

Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

Don't believe the hype! Mercury Rx  is working FOR you not AGAINST you!

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Jessica Wiggan

Hello beauties!

This eclipse is a total game changer but energy that we've been building up to for over a month now.

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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse oil will be divine! PreOrder here:

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Jessica Wiggan

This week have some things to be mindful of- both good and bad!

We start this week with the moon in some tense alignments with Uranus, Pluto, Mars, and even Jupiter!

With Jupiter (the planet of abundance and blessing) there is a need to "go big or go home "as Jupiter wants to expand all that he touches while the moon brings our emotions in to focus. Things that are hard to suppress and hold back during this time can ripple and explode under transits like this! Moon fighting with Uranus (the planet of surprise and unexpected developments) shows me that things can easily pop off when we least expect it... especially with Pluto squeezing toxins and tension up that have been lying dormant below!

Mars and Sun together square both the Moon and Uranus making our actions forceful, intense, and in some ways even painful. Some of the action that we are required to do this week comes from a wounded place- the spot within us that still needs healing- and with this last quarter moon we need to be focusing on releasing negativity and anything else that the universe is requiring us to let go of even if that means emotionally spilling the beans.

During this time until the new moon on the 23rd we need to focus on removing situations that block us from being our true selves, from reaching our maximum potential, and from experiencing the blessings and abundance that the universe/higher power has reserved for us. Sometimes that means having to make bold action and moves even if it's uncomfortable at first in order to see the change that we have been needing to make the wave that will push us back to shore!



In the week that follows starting on the 17th we need to be aware of the fact that Venus (the planet that rules love, beauty, & values) will be squaring Neptune (the planet that rules illusion and deception).

This clouds our ability to make smart decisions in love and to see things clearly.

We have the intention to move from our hearts but so much is hidden behind a sparkling veil and our ability to think straight suffers. We may lead others on or make decisions that we will later on regret. We don't intend to it's just the Venus square Neptune influence. Also, you can easily fall victim to this aspect.

Luckily for us on the 19th we have the planet Mercury (ruling communication and thoughts) being supported by Saturn (the planet of security, structure, and commitment) which helps to steady the energy of Venus squaring Neptune. However, I still want us to be mindful of not allowing our emotions and fantasy to sweep us off our feet if later on it's going to disappoint us or others because we promised too much too soon or made decisions that are not based out of love.

Mars and the sun move into the sign of Leo on the 20th and the 22nd which will begin to help the energy of the following weeks to increase in a positive way!

This is because Mars (the planet of action, determination, but also war) moves out of the grip of the larger planets that have been straining and irritating him! Think of someone who feels bullied and provoked by their community that it makes them want to fight... *that* is how Mars has been feeling lately but by moving into Leo he can stretch his arms and do what he does best- act on his passion (the sign of Leo is highly passionate!) and expression!


Creative projects excel during this time, dating and love lives should improve, and I see people stepping up into leadership roles and letting their lights shine! A day after that is the new moon and it's time to brush the dust off of our shoulders and begin to welcome the adventure of all that lies ahead!

Weekly Forecast- JULY 10th- JULY 16th- FRUSTRATION BUILDS

Jessica Wiggan

Welcome back to another week ahead forecast!

Frustration builds but when you know what you're working wth you can make it work FOR you!

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Jessica Wiggan

SUNDAY JULY 9TH, 2017 we have a hugely powerful full moon in the sign of Capricorn! This is about your LONG TERM VISION, you COMMITMENTS & HARD WORK, and PLANNING THE NEXY STAGES!

This moon will be largely emotional with the Pluto and Moon meeting in the sign of Capricorn!

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Weekly Astro/Tarot- STAY FLEXIBLE & OPEN!

Jessica Wiggan

Weekly Astro/Tarot Forecast- July 3rd- July 9th, 2017

Mars Square Pluto- 7/2

This week we're starting off with a power struggle between Mars (the planet of drive) and Pluto (the planet a transformation) in a tense opposition!

Mars is uncomfortable as it is currently moving through the sign of cancer, a sign that is sensitive, intuitive, and receptive. Mars wants to shoot forward but with the energy of Cancer supporting it it is asked to factor in emotions, feelings, and gut instinct. Pluto is on the opposite side and challenges Mars. So on the 2nd, the 3rd, and the 4th of this month you can expect some resistance with working with others, struggles with authority, and issues with creating balance in relationships.

Remember, Mars wants to push forward while Pluto questions if Mars is ready or capable so these are some things that you can prepare to see within your own personal life- in work, love, and relationships. It's best not to push or fight unless you absolutely have to. Respect of yourself and others is in upmost with this type of transit!

Venus Moves into Gemini- July 4th

On the 4th Venus (the planet that rules love, relationships, and beauty) moves out of the sign of Taurus – a sign that is earthy and grounded – into the sign of Gemini. Our energy, attraction, and values switch to things that engage and capture the curiosity of our minds.Venus in Gemini wants to explore, discover, and experience but mostly learn! For those looking for love you want to get out and about in social settings that are light and fun because where Venus moves within our charts is where you'll find beauty, love, & fun! For those that are attached this is a great time to learn new subjects and things with your partner! Take new classes together & try new things!When Venus was in the sign of Taurus we found ourselves needing comfort & security but now that it's in the sign of Gemini and we are stepping outside of our comfort zones and exploring what the world has to offer us!

Mercury Moves into Gemini/ Sun Squares Jupiter - July 5th

On the 5th, Mercury (the planet that rules communication and thought) moves into the sign of expressive Leo!Leo is known for acting upon its heart, for putting on a show, and expressing itself and you will see within yourself and others these traits manifesting themselves in your communication and thinking process! A month before your focus was on your feelings and intuition but now your focus shifts in expressing and sharing! This is a great time to share your ideas, your thoughts and to be creative!

Also on this day the sun squares with Jupiter (the planet of abundance). With this we want to be careful that we're not overdoing it...  especially with mercury moving into the sign of Leo. We can step on other people's toes, overpromise, or exhaust ourselves! Be aware!

Full Moon in Capricorn- July 8th

On the 8th we have the full moon that is happening within the sign of Capricorn! Capricorn rules our long-term investments and vision and with the full moon bringing things to a head you should see the results of your efforts from the last few months revealing themselves now. If you've been working hard and you've been focused then you will begin to watch things unfold further in the way that the universe wants them to because the full moon brings things to culmination.

This full moon will also cancel out things that the universe knows will not serve you in the way that you deserve for the long term. Capricorn energy focuses on the future and hard work and with the full moon bringing things into our awareness you want to know what you need to release by what is naturally ending and you will have the opportunity to open up to what will ultimately best serve you! Trust the process!

With this full moon the moon sits directly on top of Pluto (the planet of transformation and death) so whatever needs to be released during this time will absolutely show itself and you will need to purge- trusting that what you let go of will manifest itself in a new and fresh way that is far better than what you are being asked to let go of!

Remember, Mercury now is in a sign of Leo and when you're setting intentions you're going to be using the power of mercury- which rules the mind and your thoughts- to think big and ask for your hearts true desires! Look at the energy of the planets to give you clues and see what is unfolding and happening within the cosmos and influencing us here down on earth!

Sun Opposition to Pluto- July 9th

On the 9th the sun (which rules our life energy) and Pluto (ruling transformation) are also in a tense opposition showing me that the energy of evolving and being flexible and open is key for this week!If you are rigid you will struggle – you'll find more opposition and trouble then if you allow yourself to flow especially since were coming out of a time where the planets were in the sign of Cancer which was sending you signals as to what you need to be aware of within your personal life! The full moon begins to bring all of those things to a head and riding the wave this week is far more beneficial then to fight the wave! Be open! Be open! Be open!

This Week's Tarot Message:


FullSizeRender 140.jpg

The energy of this week revolves around the essence of transformation and evolving but throughout it all you want to channel the energy of the Emperor and the king of pentacles by staying grounded and centered!

Both of these cards are knowledgeable and leaders and the two of them work together to show you how important it is to stay focused, to know and state what you want, and to go after it with commitment & dedication!

Certain areas of your life are in the process of shifting so as shaky as the ground may feel in the moment don't give up or loose focus. Take your time- one step at a time- and you WILL get there!