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About Jessica

Jessica of BehatiLIFE


My name is Jessica and I'm the creator of!

I’ve been studying the tarot as a professional reader for over 15 years and astrology for 10 (my how the time does fly!) but more importantly I am a healer and an intuitive with a knack for empowering people to break into the biggest shifts of positive change in their lives!


I use the tarot as only one of my simple tools in connecting with people to provide them with greater insight into the complexities of life, but more than that I am gifted with the ability to understand, penetrate, and transform virtually any situation into the rocket fuel that my clients can use to blast forward into the direction of their dreams!

It is my life goal to help guide your fall back into alignment with the goals and ideals you have for yourself- to guide and cheer you on throughout the path of life you choose, to lift you up to be the fearless warrior and creator of the life of your dreams! I work to help you remember and build your potential, to strengthen your ability to magnetize abundance and to infuse and swell your life with positivity and abundance!

I live my life based upon the belief that you CAN have everything you’ve ever wanted and dreamed of- it IS all within your fingertips… sometimes you just need a little coaching and the faith (trust me!) to get there!

I am so looking forward to speaking and working with you!

With love and light always,

Jess of BehatiLife

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