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Tarot | Astrology | Intuition

Transform any and all situations into something far more positive and productive! Hope is never lost in even the most difficult circumstances...


Jessica "The Astro and Tarot Queen" perfectly blends her study and knowledge of the tarot and astrology with her gifts for an authentic and comforable reading experience unlike any other!

Readings are available internationally and are able to be booked for live or recorded sessions. They can last anywhere between 20 mins to a 1 hour depending on the amount of messages that Jessica receives during your session. Jessica does not believe in booking her readings with time limitations as messages flow when there are no time restraints. This ensures that you receive a reading that is always of the highest quality without having the session rushed.



Astrology and Intuitive Readings are available in live or recorded sessions. At times (especially while traveling!) Jessica is open to working with clients face to face. You can see her traveling schedule here if you would like to meet with her in person. Otherwise, live and recorded reading options are the only options available.



A commonly asked question is the difference between live and recorded readings. Both have their perks and it is up to you to decide.

For Recorded Readings with Jessica: Recorded readings hold the same level and insight as a live reading. Jessica will ask for a photo of you to help her to connect instantly with your energy. After the reading is complete she will send it to you using the email you have provided when you first booked your appointment. You can save and replay you reading as many times as you need, the bonus of having a recorded reading.

For Live Readings with Jessica: Live readings are a chance to talk with Jessica directly. It is highly suggested that during these sessions you have your own pen and paper and write down notes during your reading. Jessica will not provide a transcript of the reading afterwards so it is up to you to save the information and messages shared in the moment. You will have the option to ask your questions as well as have an open conversation with Jess for up to an hour.


Each reading includes 100% undivided attention from Jessica and a photo of the cards pulled for you or your astrology chart (sent to you in an email). All readings are always done with love and light and with your highest and greatest good. Once a reading is completed there are no refunds (obviously). What you do with the messages and information given to you during the reading is for you to choose and not a responsibility of Jessica's. Please read Terms & Conditions if you have any questions about that. 


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Astrology, Intuitive, and tarot Readings available workldwide

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I just had the most eye opening therapeutic experience in the hour that I’ve spent with you!
Your exercises that you gave to me by far have been more helpful to me then any psychotherapist I have seen in my life.
You are uplifting, honest, and kind. I hung up the phone feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot in 1hr and have been practicing my exercises {that you gave me} for the last 2 weeks, successfully!
— Bree, 1 Month with BehatiLIFE