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About Readings


About Readings

Tarot | Astrology | Intuition

Transform any and all situations into something far more positive and productive! Hope is never lost in even the most difficult circumstances...


Intuition, the rich symbolism found in tarot, and astrology can provide insight into the Self and your situation unlike any other! I merge sight, an extensive study of both the tarot and the movement of the planets with my background in Psychology love for a reading experience that you'll find empowering, clarifying, and transforming!

BehatiLife Intuitive readings are unlike any other! Here you have found not only your personal intuitive tool but a friend who will speak truth and life into your all areas of your life to help you to continue to move forward confidently, with peace, and feeling the trust that develops when you know you are in alignment with your higher purpose and the divine plan!

I just had the most eye opening therapeutic experience in the hour that I’ve spent with you!
Your exercises that you gave to me by far have been more helpful to me then any psychotherapist I have seen in my life.
You are uplifting, honest, and kind. I hung up the phone feeling like I’ve accomplished a lot in 1hr and have been practicing my exercises {that you gave me} for the last 2 weeks, successfully!
— Bree, 1 Month with BehatiLIFE

Readings Options:

  • Audio and Video Recordings
  • Email
  • Phone, Skype, or FaceTime Readings


  • International Friends welcome!

  • Recorded readings are now available for your convenience- replay & refer back to your message again & again!

  • Availability ebbs and flows like the face of the moon depending on how many readings are booked. If urgency is needed please email Jessica at to check in with current wait times.

Live and recorded readings are available worldwide with flexible times and schedules!

Recorded readings are awesome for getting the most information as I "download" messages if live sessions aren't an option for you!

Prices are affordable to ensure availability for everyone. Prices are subject to change and may vary occasionally for times of heavy booking.

Payment is needed to book and confirm your appointment, with no exceptions. Payment is always 100% secure through Paypal (search Once payment is made and appointment is secured it can not be refunded due to time constraints and scheduling conflicts. If you need to reschedule your appointment please do so 24 hours before your appointment.

Thank you for understanding!


Please factor in wait times while you are booking your readings!
Any changes or spaces available will be posted on the UPDATE PAGE.

Thank you for stopping by!