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Recent BehatiLife Love Letters!

Your feedback means the world to me! Thank you to all who share their incredible testimonials after your reading.

Testimonials and Love Letters

HOLY GODDESS... your reading has been spot on and it is not even in the double digits of this month yet! Thank you for taking the time out to do this for me! I will be coming back for more!
— F.V on her monthly reading report
Hi love!
Wow that reading could not have been more spot on!! I’ll try to respond to all of the things you brought up but I’m sure I will miss some things!
I am so happy that I reached out to you for a reading and we connected because I really love your energy and I hope we keep working together and stay in touch!
Thanks again for doing the reading on such short notice!
— P.B. on her overall intuitive reading
Thank you so much for that I had to listen to it twice and sleep on it. I could FEEL the energy- it was almost overwhelming- in a good way! I could hear it in your voice and the way you and to get everything out.
I don’t have any questions as I understood everything thoroughly. This truly opened my eyes to a lot of things.
I just want to say how great this was and I am taking everything that you have given to me and using it!
Sorry this {email} has become so long winded! I just had a lot I wanted to say... most of all that that was amazing... you are incredible, and you have so much good to give!
Thank you again for your time, I will be around much more!
— KF- on her recorded reading

"I just wanted to say thank you for your words. It took a few days for me to sit with them and let everything settle into my spirit. I appreciate you!" - C.F
"Thank you for my reading which is always amazing! And incredibly accurate! Thanks again Jess!" - C.W
"You should really write a book, blog, or more articles or do some more kinds of therapy. That was amazing, thank you." - J.B.
“Wow, Jess! You truly have a gift! This was my first ever astrology reading and you hit a lot of stuff on the head! It was a good, beautiful experience! Right on target! Very clear and I understood {all of which you said}! I give you two thumbs up!” -L.C
"Your brain needs to be shared with the world." - M.B.

"Thanks so much again for the read, you were spot on on so many things! Wow, I am so blown away! Thanks...for sharing your amazing gift!!"  - E.W

"I really want to thank you so much for doing this for me, I can't believe how much of it makes total sense. Gosh, you are gifted!"  -K. L.

"My God this all makes perfect sense!! Thank you!!!!" -T.B

"Oh Thank you so much. You are right about the break. I was just thinking that today!! You are awesome!!!" -R.B

"You are AMAZING!!!" - A.S

"Dear Jess , WOW ! You are spot on!!! Thanks so much for it all!" - R.S.

"WOW!!!!! Just to verify what you have written... Thank you sooooooo much!!!! You are QUITE AMAZING!!!!" - B.D.

 "Thanks .. That is the best I have ever had as far as truths go... I will work on the pursuit of happiness and the people without good intentions...Many blessings!" - B.R.

"You've helped put things in perspective for me, and helped me get a better understanding of how I should go about changing some things for myself! THANK YOU! " -K.W.

"So you were sooooo right... I had to message you because I thought of you and everything you said and was like omg jess nailed it!!!!!!!!"- B.T