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Sagittarius Lunar Beauty & Intention Oil


Intention Oils, Assorted Magical Items, and Custom Blends!

Sagittarius Lunar Beauty & Intention Oil

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Sagittarius Lunar Beauty & Intention Oil


SAGITTARIUS Lunar Oil- Created in Sag New or Full Moon, Plus two extra "Charge" days!

The Mantra:

"I welcome new opportunity with open arms! I am free to boldly follow my heart and to connect with my ultimate source of happiness! I breathe in this refreshing and welcoming energy and I am recharged!"

The energy of Sagittarius has been captured inside of this beautiful bottle!

Jupiter (ruling sagittarius!) EXPANDS all that it touches- and nudges you to stand at the edge of your world- looking out over the horizon thinking of ALL that can happen... if you EXPAND your vision!

The Blend:

Bergamot lifts the spirit, encouraging optimism and enthusiasm! Lemon works to cleanse any negative thinking and commands our attention in a subtle but powerful way, while black pepper essential oil zings and brings confidence and increases passion and provides protection while you courageously move forward!

Essential Oils Used (100% All Natural, High Grade!):

Bergamot: The ultimate mood lifter! Brings peace, soothes agitation, lifts the spirits! VERY powerful in attracting success of all kinds!

Lemon: Purifying, uplifting, and cleansing energy! Highly refreshing!

Herbs (All Natural! Mostly homegrown and handpicked)

+ Honeysuckle- The honeysuckle vine can grow where other plants can't- climbing higher and higher, all the while sharing their beautiful scent and abundance of delicate white flowers for all to enjoy!

This is an AMAZING plant/flower for love, business, prosperity, attraction!

+ Red Clover- Brings luck, abundance, and effortless manifestation!

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