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Cancer Zodiac Oil


Cancer Zodiac Oil

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Cancer Zodiac Oil


Created and Bottled: Cancer Moon

Specifics: "Cancer Moon!"- " I am safe. I am protected. Love surrounds me. Here I can be comfortable. I am free to express myself. I am happy with who I am"

Cancer is ruled by the magical pull of the moon and this oil is carefully hand-blend to math this energy! Lavender gently soothes the spirit while bergamot happily lifts and carries Cancer's moods! Tiny chamomile flowers float delicately in this bottle and are known for their powerful ability to calm and heal many upsets of the body!

Essential Oils Used: (100% All Natural, High Grade)
- Bergamot: Brings supreme peace, relaxation, mood lifting, optimism! Excellent for attracting abundance, happiness, and all over good vibes throughout your life! Such a wonderful smelling essential oil! Wonderful for love magic!!!
- Lavender: Relax and feel comforted and safe with this essential oil! Brings peace of mind and promotes trust. Promotes healing, soothes frazzled nerves/spirit, eases tension, and helps to purify your environment removing all negative vibes that attempt to enter your aura/energy field!

Herbs: (All natural, locally grown and handpicked, organic!)
- Chamomile: Soothing- perfect for making time to enjoy the finer things in life and simple luxuries! Used to attract love, money, luck, and peaceful feelings.

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