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Tiger Lily/Aries Lunar Beauty & Intention Oil


Tiger Lily/Aries Lunar Beauty & Intention Oil


Tiger Lily/Aries Lunar Beauty & Intention Oil


Not just for Aries sun or rising signs- this bottle was created for anyone who wants to wear the energy of confidence, striking beauty, and promote success!

This oil features:

~ TIGER LILY: symbolizing striking beauty, channeled passion, prosperity & effortless success!

~ ORANGE: Attraction, magnetism, & optimism promoting confidence!

~ GINGER: Exotic warmth; working to promote your ability to standout!

~ SANDALWOOD & CEDARWOOD BLEND: smoldering woodsy scent, high vibrational woods, protection, and longevity!

Each bottle is created by hand and amounts are limited!

Always 100% All Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Blended by Hand, and charged with light and love!

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