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Aquarius Lunar Eclipse- PreOrder


Aquarius Lunar Eclipse- PreOrder


Aquarius Lunar Eclipse- PreOrder


- Falls in the sign of Aquarius! This effects ALL of us!
This is about:
🙌🏾 BREAKING FREE from what holds us back, 🙏🏾releasing what no longer serves us (opening the door for a NEW blessing/universal gifts!), 💞trusting our instincts, ❤️taking our PASSION to the next level & walking boldly down the path 🏞, protection✨, and watching how our lives are ripening and unfolding (in a GOOD way)! ⚡️❤️💞
Yes! This will be wonderful!🌺😜🙌🏾✨❤️
Rosemary cleanses energy, focuses the mind, acts as an attraction magnet for money & love matters, while providing double protection!
Sage is a highly sacred herb! It grounds and centers, cleanses of ALL negative energy! Sage is connected to wisdom, spirituality, & inner vision!
Grapefruit is a spirit booster! It lifts moods and works joyously to bring happiness into your life! Love, positivity, and abundance magnet!

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