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The Benefit of Coffee and How to Infuse Your Brew with Magical Intent!

Jessica Wiggan

The positives and negatives of coffee swing left and right so I'll breakdown what I've discovered about America's favorite drink and how we can MAXIMIZE our cup for mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellbeing!


For Starters: THE BENEFITS:

-    Coffee is LOADED with antioxidants! ️

-    It increases your energy levels and alertness (so you can feel all bright eyed and bushy tailed!)

-    Coffee is shown to lower the risk Type 2 Diabetes!

-    It is an excellentmood picker-up (in moderate amounts...Anything more and you can find yourself agitated!)

-    Coffee can help IMPROVE memory as well as PROTECT against Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Parkinson's Disease as well as lower some risks for cancer! ️

-    Protects the liver (again in moderate doses). 

At the same time- energetically speaking- you need to be aware.

-    Coffee naturally stimulates the body, provoking the fight or flight response- meaning that your body enters a physically hyper-energetic mode. Channeling this energy positively through exercise helps but can trigger anxiety or panic attacks, especially for frequent sufferers. This can negatively effect sleep cycles as well as make it difficult for you to relax, which can detract from the time you spend during your yoga and meditation time.

-    It can be a serious irritant for the stomach- especially so if you have an ulcer or IBS. ️You'll notice this in a burning sensation in the stomach, bloating, nausea, etc.

So,WHAT CAN YOU DO to ENJOY the Perks while skirting the Negatives? ️

-    Enjoy your fresh brew AFTER a healthily large or filling breakfast- NEVER before or on an empty stomach! ️ This coats the stomach and protects the lining from being overly irritated by the chemicals naturally occurring in coffee and caffeine.

-    Drink #ORGANIC or minimally processed coffee to get the MOST out of the antioxidant and nutrition benefits!  Chemically processed coffee strips the bean of some- if not most- of its awesomeness while adding unnecessary additives that have no health benefits and can actually be harmful to the body. Invest in your health and well being by getting yourself the organic bag or bean. (Hints for it being too much money? Try Trader Joes stores or buy just the beans and grind them up yourself! Clipping coupons doesn't hurt either! Hey, we're ALL on a budget nowadays!)

-    Flush yourself with water (2 glasses to drink minimum!) to rinse and promote healthy functioning of the liver! Coffee is considered a diuretic so you'll need to protect yourself from dehydration... and a dehydrated body isn't pretty! You should already being drinking water throughout the day, but if not then now you have even more reason to! Water is essential for a healthy functioning body so get to sipping!

-    VARY the times and days that you consume to help prevent the stomach from being irritated or you becoming overly dependent! I choose to sip twice a week, however if I end up having a cup a day for an entire week I make sure to take a break the next- I have sensitive stomach issues that I need to be aware of. Find a system or method that works for you!

Infuse Magic into Your Brew... 

magic coffee

Now for the fun part!

Certain herbs and spices found within your kitchen are not only packed with flavor but can be used to charge your coffee up with magical intent! 

Sprinkle your choice of seasons, edible flowers and herbs into to coffee grounds before you brew to infuse your coffee with flavor and magic!

 - Lavender 

I sprinkle a generous amount of lavender flowers over my brew because the beauty of the flowers and delicate taste adds such a uniquely beautiful taste to my cup! Lavender brings a sense of peace and wellbeing into the energy of your day but is also known for increasing beauty & attraction! Love this!  

 - Cinnamon 

Cinnamon heats up all that it touches with money, health, & love! Visualize your intent while you're sprinkling over your brew to increase the speed of it coming into your life! 

  - Pumpkin Spice/Nutmeg

This spicy blend is practically perfectly designed for money attraction and blessings of abundance! 

Not a huge fan of coffee or just want to switch up your pick-me-up beverage? Try some of these recipes or drinks that you too can enjoy!

- Green Tea- loaded in antioxidants and absolutely delicious!

- Hot or Cold Chai Tea

Chai tea bag of your choice (I love Mighty Tea Leaf's selections!) , milk of your choice, cinnamon and nutmeg to top! 

- A London Fog

1-2 bags of Earl Grey tea (I prefer 2, I like the flavor strong!), 4 oz. of hot water, and then a splash of half n half or your milk of choice!

- Thai Tea

Happy Sipping!