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Virgo Full Moon Intent Oil


Virgo Full Moon Intent Oil

sold out

Virgo Full Moon Intent Oil


Tonight under the light of my personal full moon I’ll be making one last lunar intention blend… and it's going to be a special one!

This bottle I will save for myself forever… all the magick I’ve made here, the beautiful moments…

To honor that I created a special reserve spot for those that are also wanting the magick of this moon for themselves!

The herbs and oils I decided on are personal and important to me:

  • Chicory (of course!) as my door opener and obstacle breaker!
  • Chrysanthemum to honor and empower change and transition, for protection.
  • Lavender for peace and resiliency throughout ANY obstacles…
  • Mugwort for heightened intuition, third eye activation, and the subconscious effortlessly stirred alive during dream times…
  • Sweet mint for clarity of mind- needed for focus, intention, and purification!
  • Lastly a few tiny drops of eucalyptus to empower and sharpen the focus even further!

I am in love with it already! It's the original blend only intensified… It's the perfect to end the cycle in my life and designed to light the path ahead of me (and you!) as we walk forwards boldly, fearlessly!

As always, amounts are limited. I honor what Mother Nature has for us and make and blend in alignment with Her, first and foremost. Once sold out the will be taken down completely.

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