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Guidance. Transformation. Magic.


Beauty Oils, Intention Setting, and Positive Transformation Coach!


Dive into the detailed meanings behind each card no matter if you're a beginner or advanced tarot reader!

Learn the Tarot- for Beginner to Advanced Readers


Tarot Courses have begun!

When: Every Thursday at 6 pm EST!

Where: Instagram Live (@BehatiLife) with follow up video on!

Price: Free for all!

All content discussed will be re-filmed in a YouTube video that you can find on the BehatiLife YouTube Channel or by visiting the page here :)

We will discuss:

  • - The deep symbolism of each card!
  • - The meaning of each card!
  • - Card examples and how meanings change!
  • - Extra tips for your own private practice or working with clients!
  • - and much more!

Because the courses will be held live on Instagram they will be FREE for all, however later there will be a charge to attend the tarot courses!

1 on 1 mentorship will also become available for those that would like 1 on 1 individual time and attention, at an hourly rate.

Watch the latest Tarot Course! Catch them LIVE every Thursday at 6pm EST on Instagram Live (@BehatiLife)!