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"Wild Woman" Beauty Butter


"Wild Woman" Beauty Butter

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"Wild Woman" Beauty Butter


"A succulent wild woman is one of any age who feels FREE to fully express herself in every dimension on Her life!" - SARK

Wild Women are the ones who are deeply expressive, connected to their internal wisdom, vibrant, supremely authentic, and phenomenal beauties (Yes! That's YOU!)

This body butter was made to match that energy! Each is hand blended using only the highest quality of all natural ingredients to make a butter to soothe and adorn your body!

Wild Woman Body Butter Features (100% All Natural, Vegan!) Essential Oils:

Sweet Orange- this essential oil is powerfully uplifting to the spirit while simultaneously increasing attraction in love and money and sweetens the experience of life!

Cardamom- Cardamom is a sexy and richly passionate essential oil that deepens this blend into a distinct and hard to resist concoction!

Ginger: Largely exotic and unique!  Carries the energy of power! Creates a spicy addition to the butter that works to increase spunk and authenticity!

Black Pepper: Heats the energy of all that it touches! This is a spicy, sexy  addition that works to empower, build confidence, and speed the movement of intentions into your life!


Each jar is lunar charged and set with powerful positive intention!

This batch is made in limited amounts but will be found regularly in the apothecary unless sold out!

* Custom requests available for all blends, base oils, and intentions!

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