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"The Empress- Honeysuckle Sage" Beauty Butter


"The Empress- Honeysuckle Sage" Beauty Butter

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"The Empress- Honeysuckle Sage" Beauty Butter

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Inspired by the ultra- feminine Empress card found within most tarot decks this beauty butter is a combination of delicate honeysuckle and earthy sage harmoniously blended together in a concoction that is simply divine!

Essential Oils Used and Properties (100% All Natural, Vegan):

The Magic of the Honeysuckle Flower:
+ Honeysuckle is a romantic, feminine flower that works in the attraction of love, beauty, and ease in life!
+ Bringing the flowers into the home is said to attract your marriage partner/sweeten your current marriage (within a year!)
+ Known to gift sweet dreams to your sleep!
+ Dabbing the essential oil on forehead is said to enhance your 3rd eye vision!
+ Sweetens the thoughts of those who surround the person wearing it promoting generosity and financial prosperity!

Sage: This herb is amazing for cleansing your space and energy field, is used to promote wisdom and clarity, and interestingly enough works in materializing wishes!

Each batch is handmade with rich and creamy raw shea, blended to allow quick absorption that leaves skin feeling deeply moisturized with no lingering greasy feel!

How to Use:

Use all over the body as a decadent moisturizer setting the intention to be a magnet for all things lovely, beautiful, and a life rich with romance and fruitfulness!

Add to wet or dry hair as a deep conditioner to tame fly frizz and fly-aways, revitalize and moisturize dry locks, and leave a lingering summer scent! Leave in or wash out as desired :)

Ingredients: All Natural Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Honeysuckle and Sage Essential Oils

* Custom requests available for all blends, base, and intentions!

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