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Spring Equinox Oil and Mojo Bag


Spring Equinox Oil and Mojo Bag

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Spring Equinox Oil and Mojo Bag

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The spring equinox is the end of winter where for us our energies weren’t lying completely dormant but we were moving through some serious shedding and preparation. Now, the cycle ends, the frost breaks, and we can plant those seeds now to watch them stir to life later…


“I move WITH nature and the Divine, always and I honor those times when I meant to be still, when I need to let the rotting flesh of passing situations or relationships go, and when I need to give myself a chance to let beauty BLOOM into my life again!

I welcome the NEW, the FRESH, the LIVING and I open to the beautiful fragrance of blooming love, beauty, abundance, and the chance to THRIVE in my life!

I don’t FIGHT I FLOW. I go where I am CELEBRATED not TOLERATED. I fill mySELF with love and light and share that light where it needs to go…”



The herbs and roots that came to me this morning make so much sense- Dragon’s blood gives power, strength and connects us to the sun and mars energy (perfect as the planets crowd into Aries, stirring us to life)!

Peony root is one of my favorite roots to work with as it is powerful, protective, and smells absolutely divine (not kidding)! Peony brings life and healing but in a way that looks and feels beautiful… peony root is the ‘rose quartz’ of all the roots and herb...

Rosehips bind the beauty of these two together with love, harmony, peace and wellbeing… it stirs love into your life, beauty, and the breath and seed of new beginning.

The batch is then soaked in a specific (private) essential oil blend to carry the properties of the plant essence into the oil and mojo bag.

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