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The Love Spell


The Love Spell

BehatiLife Love Spell.jpg
BehatiLife Love Spell.jpg
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The Love Spell


My top seller, revised for stronger potency and additional beauty benefits!

Don't let the bottle's simple and delicate flowers fool you- this little beauty is ripe with powerful attraction and beauty properties who work to serve you! Rose geranium essential oils are known for attraction and love magnetism while cardamom and patchouli exude exiness, passion, and desire!

A little goes a long way with these beauty bottles! Add just a few tiny drops to neck, skin, and hair and let the oil work it's mysterious magic turning you into a love magnet!

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Customize Your Beauty Butter! Blends, Base Oils, & Intentions!

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One Oil- Multiple Uses!

There are a million ways to enjoy the benefits of your new oil! Whether turning your bath water into a lunar soak, conditioning & strengthening hair, or setting intentions you'll discover the magic within your new bottle!