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Lilith Dark Moon Intimacy Oil


Lilith Dark Moon Intimacy Oil

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Lilith Dark Moon Intimacy Oil


"Lilith was everything uncontained, uncontrolled, attractive, sexual, and disobedient, showing will of her own and impossible to tame.”

The Lilith Dark Moon Oil is a pure all natural slick oil created to enhance sensual touch and pleasure. Evening Primrose Oil is the main ingredient of my Intimacy Oil and amazing for female sensuality and care that is generous to men as well. Use as an all natural lube, charged under the light of the dark moon.

*Practice safe consensual sex, you guys. For those with sensitivities and allergies do a spot test first and stop usage immediately if you experience any reaction. Consult your doctor if you have questions or concerns. Will not prevent the spread of STI’s.

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