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Honey Goddess Beauty Butter- Attraction, Beauty, Love


Honey Goddess Beauty Butter- Attraction, Beauty, Love

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Honey Goddess Beauty Butter- Attraction, Beauty, Love


Honey Goddess Beauty Butter

Luxury | Beauty | Attraction | Fertility

The Honey Goddess Beauty Butter is pure creamy nectar for the skin! Rich shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and honey are blended together perfectly to create a formula that is designed to deeply moisturize without leaving a sticky or oily feeling behind!

Honey has been used as an offering the Gods and Goddesses for centuries and also as a luxury treatment for queens as they care and nourish their skin! In magick, it is used for attraction, beauty, love, and sweetening up life as a whole!

Pure honey in this beauty butter works to naturally even out skin tone, calm sensitive skin, and create a radiant glow! Cardamom, cinnamon, patchouli, and a couple drops of orange blossom perfect this blend!

This blend comes in LIMITED AMOUNTS and once sold out will be recreated when the moon phase is waxing and ingredients are available locally. Each oil and beauty butter works with the cycles of Mother Nature, always. I work only with what she is abundantly giving!

Frequently Asked Question: Is there real honey in this beauty butter?

Yes! Pure orange blossom honey is absolutely used in the creation of this beaut butter, as all ingredients in BehatiLife Beauty Butters are all natural and directly from nature Herself!

Comes in 8 oz. large glass jar!

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