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ARIES Lunar Intent Oil


ARIES Lunar Intent Oil

sold out

ARIES Lunar Intent Oil


Lunar Intent Oils are officially back!

*details for this specific lunar intent oil can be found below, towards the bottom.

Lunar Intent (or conjure) oils are created the night of a full or new moon. Jess examines the astrology chart, selects a special blend of herbs and oils to work with the energy, and sets intention over them to compliment the vibe that that moon brings for that moment. The end result is a unique bottle charged for you to work your magick via candles, daily use, anointing, etc.!

Instructions for how to use your oil can be found here, including a detailed video on how to write powerful petitions!

This Aries Lunar intent oil is for created to use for magick that involves opening new doors in your life, building bravery and confidence, attracting masculine energy and passion, increasing drive and ambition, and breaking down barriers!

This oil is available to be customized if you need to adjust this bottle to match your specific needs or if you there is something special you are wishing to manifest for this moon. Please leave your unique intent in the note box that is included in your order and Jess will adjust and work her magick to adjust it to help you manifest your intention. Remember- your heart, emotion, and focus is incredibly important when it comes to setting intention! When you include your note stay focused, feel your desire manifesting as you write, and leave it to the universe to deliver when you hit the “Send” button!

Happy Manifesting!

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