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Peek into the Apothecary

Nature Inspired. Lunar Charged. Beauty Capturing. Life Enhancing.


Welcome to the Apothecary...

"In Service to Others & the Divine."

Beautiful Ingredients straight from Mother Earth


BehatiLife Apothecary was inspired by my lifetime love for crystals, natural healing remedies, and my passionate study of the magical and healing properties of herbs and flowers!

I hand blend all of my creations with love and positive intention- infusing every bottle with love and only the finest natural ingredients, most of which are hand grown locally or in my own home garden!

Most of the herbs and flowers used in the bundles and bottles were planted and grown from seeds or from locally supported organic gardeners in my hometown area. I work with Mother Earth- never against her.

Intention, love, and attention to detail is infused in every bundle and bottle created- from the earth friendly bottles to the delicate addition of the all-natural oils and definitely the thought and process behind each and every special blend!

Shea butter before the melting process- raw, natural, and skin worshipping!

Shea butter before the melting process- raw, natural, and skin worshipping!


BehatiLife apothecary items are directly from the source of life Herself- Mother Earth!

You will find that each item within the apothecary is:

  •  100% Plant Based!
  • 100% Organic and all natural!
  • Most herbs and flowers used are home or locally grown, working with the season, not against them.
  •  Only the highest quality in plant extracted oils are used.
  • GMO free.
  • Free of synthetic materials, preservatives/parabens, artificial fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfates! (No yucky stuff!)
  • All items are made in entirely reusable & recyclable containers (protect our Earth Mother!)


Custom creations are a huge part of BehatiLife's magick and wildly popular!
Create your own unique beauty or intention bottle or item to make the process even more special!

Custom oils can take 1-4 weeks to complete from start to finish, depending on how many intention oils are ahead of your order. The magickal process always takes time and each essential oil, herb, and crystal for your blend is picked and mixed to maximize the magick and intention of your blend- something that should never be rushed!

Please keep this in mind while placing your order.

Home and Locally Grown Ingredients
Fresh Lavender Buds