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Jessica Wiggan



Work your magick...

Stimulating Prophecies and Messages within Dreams- On the night of a full or new moon create or use an intention oil blend designed for dreamwork to use in conjunction with working your magick. I personally love mugwort and lavender and have a powerful blend that uses both of these herbs within my apothecary designed for prophecy and dreamwork. You can see that here.

Before falling asleep take 22 minutes to an hour to enter into a space of peaceful meditation. Your mind and body both need to be completely relaxed in order for this type of magic to work. Focus on clearing out the chaos of the day by visualizing an eraser rubbing out any thought that comes up and tries to distract you.

While the thoughts being to slow down visualize that same eraser moving to your feet to erase your toes, ankles, legs, and torso while moving up the body. When you feel completely relaxed take a few deep cleansing breaths and set the intention that while you are sleeping that night the Divine or angels and guides from the highest light of the universe work to bring you prophetic dreams and messages to you in your sleep. You can ask for insight into specific situations or leave it open for them to guide you to what you need to know now.

Take your dream oil and anoint your heart chakra, third eye, and crown chakra and tuck the oil safely away for another day.

Upon waking, take time to write down all that came to you within your dreams before your feet touch the ground.

Use at most 1-2 a week. Anything more is way too much, trust me.

Happy Magick Making,




"Send Me a Sign"

Jessica Wiggan

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Send Me A Sign...

Message to those connecting to spirit guides, angels, and those who have passed on...

A message for those trying to connect with angels, God, & loved ones who have passed. ...

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4 Things You MUST Have to be Successful!

Jessica Wiggan

Whether you're starting a business, brand, or going after your dreams there will be 4 things that will push you to reach your maximum level of success!


Jessica Wiggan


Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams... really.

It's a trade.

Your time for an agreed upon amount of $$$...

To take a job that pays your bills is okay- and supported even- to care for your root chakra (ex. paying the bills, putting food on the table, ensuring security, dope health benefits)...

To take a job that pays your bills is okay- and supported even- to care for your root chakra (ex. paying the bills, putting food on the table, ensuring security, dope health benefits)...

But if you have a DREAM and a VISION that doesn't match your current hustle there is NO amount of my $$$ (for real!! Trust me!) that will satisfy the craving to follow the path of your dreams and to live out working your PASSION!! 

For those striving daily towards your dream- DON'T GIVE UP.

Feel grateful for what you have now but PUSH just a little more to feed the fuel of your DREAM!

In the end it will be so worth it! When you have found your passion the hard work that you have put in by itself is its own reward but to do what you love will truly be the cherry on top!

For those striving towards your dream- DON’T GIVE UP.
Feel grateful for what you have now but PUSH just a little more to feed the fuel of your DREAM!


  • I believe in ME.
  • I can DO this.
  • I accept what I am worth!
  • I'll take the steps necessary!


"Girl Boss" TV Series on @Netflix! Have you seen it?! Talk about inspiring!

Get OUT and get GOING!

Don't let the struggle, obstacle stop you when you have a gift and a talent that is needed to be shared!!

 🦋What's your dream job??

Mine is what I'm doing now- tarot & astrology and making magical things :) I can do "work" all day/night and still not be sick of it!


Jessica Wiggan

I see beautiful things around you... it's true, I do! ⭐️


⚡️⚡️Lately there has been a string of people that I've worked with who are experiencing some serious bouts of turbulence within their lives... like lightening bolts striking that shakes them to their core, making them instinctively draw up in fear & protection. ⚡️🏾

Each story is different but ONE thing remains the same- there was something absolutely BEAUTIFUL growing & developing within their lives despite ALL the outside noise and chaos!

Another thing they each had in common was an energy of PROTECTION. 🏾🏾

Whether it be their own Angels or guides, ancestors or the strength of their OWN spirit- each of these people were VERY obviously protected... and on top of that although they may FEEL timid or shook up, within them lies an incredible WARRIOR SPIRIT⚡️, that of a gifted man or woman who when focused & grounded could shake the EARTH with their determination and is a force to be reckoned with! 🏾

In the moment, they felt frozen in fear or uncertainty but REALLY behind that thin veil is a strong spirit unlike ANY other! 🏾️⚡️

That is us ALL lately- globally, personally- there is tremendous GROWTH here.

It is painful just as much as it is beautiful but guess what... you'll get through this and glowwww in all of your glory!

FEEL for the moment now what you feel... that is normal... but DON'T GIVE UP, BACK DOWN, Or stay DOWN for too long! 🏾🏾🏾🏾

There is something beautiful here developing around you... you feel it in your core (don't you?!) and you've reached the moment of perfect timing and transition!⚡️🏾

If you need help or a reminder, I am here- you know where to find me! ️🏾

Love love and light to you all!


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10 Minute Mental Recharge!

Jessica Wiggan


• • • • •
>>PERCEPTION - "The Lense!"
Think of perception as a lens- if it is dark or dirty we can't see clearly or it blocks the light & abundance that is available to you each & every day. (Yes! There's aLOT here for you in this very day, this moment, this LIFE!)

How you VIEW your world SHAPES your world- & you'll never see the gift in each day if the daily lens you're wearing is clouded with OLD FEARS, WORST CASE SCENARIOS, WORRY, LOW SELF WORTH, NEGATIVITY, etc.!

That old low self talk, those limiting beliefs, those moments where you look for the worst to happen, or you overcrowd yourself with painful memories of bad habits... yup, that's GOT TO GO! It clouds the lens of your life!

~ I ask, Universe, that you lift the clouds that fog & bog down your thinking.
~ That you BREAK DOWN the MENTAL WALLS that stop you from seeing the beauty & brightness that is in this world globally & available to you in your daily lives!
~ I ask for AWESOME & PROFOUND experiences that shape & transform your life for the better!
~ I set the intention that HEALTH & HEALING flow through your body now/ that you be VIBRANT & STRONG & the choices that you make reflect your decision to value, care, & respect the temple that is your body!
~ I ask that laughter & good vibes ripple throughout your day- and that through the good and the bad you're able to see the humor in it all, never feel "too heavy", & weighted down by the world or your mind!
~ I set the intention today that you are able to safely RELEASE the burden that you've been carrying to set it down, be free, and walk away!!!

>> THE MANTRA- You are STRONGER than you know!
~ I am capable!
~ The light I bring is needed and I leave a positive impact and mark on this world!
~ Today I CHOOSE to do better!
~ I am able to call the shots on the direction of my life!
~ I am in control!