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Beauty Oils, Intention Setting, and Positive Transformation Coach!

Business Coaching, Mentorship, and Plan!

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Business Coaching, Mentorship, and Plan!

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Business Coaching, Mentorship, and Plan!


Take part in powerful business coaching to create a strategy and plan for either quick starting your idea or fueling the energy and momentum of your current self created business!

Intuitive coaching is a unique tool to gain unique insight into your vision to help make it a success as well as to grow and enjoy the process!

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5 years ago I was called to take the plunge into creating a business that I would fill my heart with joy, help others using my own unique skills and talents, as well as to financially independent! Now, I’m sharing with others all that I’ve learned to empower others to step up to their own calling- to build the life of their dreams that supports them in ways that allow them flexibility of their time and plentiful resources!

I merge established business practice- that I use to run my own shop and enterprise successfully!- with intuition to help you to build a plan that works for YOU and your uniquely designed and created business!

We’ll address:

  • A step by step effortlessly easy but powerful business plan

  • How to navigate social media and make it work for you!

  • Your personal areas of strength to maximize your time, resources, and energy

  • Areas of weakness and ways to work this to your BENEFIT!

  • Tools that you’ll need to get through the rough spots (because they will come!)

  • Bonus: Apps to make running your business so much easier!

  • Intuitive insight to help guide, inspire, and empower your moves and steps forward!

    Don’t have an idea yet? That is no problem! Let’s work with what you have (your interests, goals, and your own internal * magical * spark* that will set you apart from the rest and propel you forward to living a life of flexibility and abundance all while doing what you love! 

The Universe is a place that is built for abundance! You were not born to experience lack or to suffer in order to make a living! That is a common antiquated myth that is detrimental to not only our Selves but to society.
When you honor the call from within to live out your greatest dreams and desires you will be rewarded for having the faith to step forward in direction of your goals and dreams!
— Jessica of BehatiLIFE