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RESTORE YOUR ORBIT | BehatiLife Astro & Intuitive Energy Read | OCT 15TH- 21ST


RESTORE YOUR ORBIT | BehatiLife Astro & Intuitive Energy Read | OCT 15TH- 21ST

Jessica Wiggan


BehatiLife Astro & Intuitive Energy Read

Week of October 15th - 21st

Planets and Aspects taking Center Stage:

  • Mercury conjunct Venus

  • Sun in Libra

  • Venus retrograde in Scorpio

  • Mercury in Scorpio

Chart pull for this week using ;)

Chart pull for this week using ;)

The highlighting point of this week is Mercury & Venus meeting perfectly in the sign of Scorpio. Together they act like brother and sister but with Venus retrograde is not her strongest and leans to Mercury for support. She’s questioning herself- what she loves, what she wants, what is important to her and Mercury understands this as he rule the energy of the mind and is vibing this deeper wave of wanting to connect and find purpose and meaning in life.

During my meditation the image I received last night was a tightly bound person- almost like a mummy. Underneath all of these layers in the RAW inner child of you- the real you. The fabric that binds you are layers that you’ve learned to wrap yourself in for protection. As each layer falls off through life/the universe testing and challenging you the more you learn about yourSelf and find what is most valuable to you. Any loss you experience during this time is actually a gain, although sometimes it may not feel like it!

The nodes of fate are being aspected all this week and these are lessons we simply cannot avoid because life will steer us in their direction no matter what. You are realizing you have nothing to hide or hold back- who and what you are is enough. Venus can challenge self-love but again its the layers falling off and back to reveal your deepest strengths through your ability to be vulnerable.

But back to Mercury and Venus’ conjunction. This will help each of us tremendously when it comes to speaking the truth of your heart. Mercury rules written or spoken words, the magic of the mind, how powerful are thoughts are! Together Mercury speaks what Venus has been feeling- they are working as a team on your behalf! Speak or write what you’ve been feeling on paper, have that heartfelt conversation, listen to each other. Someone may approach you to apologize or to connect- maybe consider listening to them or even forgiveness so you’re not the one carrying the weight of anger or resentment on your heart…

Listen also to how you care for and speak to yourself. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others or maybe disappointed that you don’t meet your own expectations or high standards? Do you push yourself to your breaking point or procrastinate and never give yourself a chance to show/prove what you can do? Do allow the defeating self talk to be the only internal voice you listen to?

I feel that its actually time to EMBRACE this by simply being aware now so you can begin to change this creating a habit that will support you in this lifetime.



The cards pulled today support the energy of the cosmos and are asking you to exalt the softer sides of you through reflection. Instead of beating yourself or your circumstance up because it is not perfect surround it in love and the energy that will help to transform and change it. Something has to be released this week in order for alchemy to happen and transformation for the better to occur. Spend some QT nurturing yourself or what you value and heed the advice of Mars transiting Aquarius currently and “do different”…


  • Lavender

  • Ashwagandha

  • Pluto Death Oil

  • Prophetic Sleep Oil

  • Sage

  • Mugwort

  • Palo Santo

  • Lemongrass

  • Mint

  • Earth energy- dirt, grounding, swinging in a hammock, parks and bike rides, gardening, pumpkin or apple picking

  • Charged Soaks- Protection

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