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Jessica Wiggan



For ALL signs!

Traditionally, Scorpio season is known for drawing out our shadow sides, and, this year, the season brings major changes for all of us.

Venus stationed retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5, and  there she will remain until she moves into her home sign of Libra on October 31. While retrograde in Scorpio, Venus will have all of us re-evaluating our partnerships, money, and self expression, while pushing us to self-reflect and invite a deeper sense of intimacy into our lives.

Mercury is also moving through Scorpio this month, nudging us to be far more exclusive about with whom we share our thoughts and how we share moments. Also, the full and new moons that occur during Scorpio season will trigger deeper waves of understanding  and  help us connect with what the universe is prepping and priming us to build and create.

Let’s look to the Tarot to get a deeper understanding of what is in store for you. These tarotscopes can be read for your sun, moon, and rising signs.


5 of Wands & 2 of Pentacles

This Scorpio season, you’re firing on all cylinders, Aries. This is most likely because Mars, the planet that rules your sign, is finally strong and helping you to make moves when it comes to your work, goals, and purpose.

The cards and cosmos both are giving you the green light to be the natural leader you are. It is time to stand front and center and let your voice be heard and your and talents be known.

You will also most likely be taking on multiple projects and handling a lot of  responsibility, so make sure that you are taking care of yourself. You need to keep your energy high and momentum going.

2 of Pentacles paired with 5 of Wands is notorious for piling a lot on your plate but only for short amount of time. Be careful with who and what you are promising. Make sure you can follow through on those commitments to avoid any future disappointments and frustrations that may arise in  November and December.


10 of Wands and King of Swords (RX)

It seems like stress and frustration could be higher than usual for you this Scorpio season, Taurus. It doesn’t help that there seems to be someone in your environment that is pushing deadlines, expectations, or negativity your way.  Try to access empathy by realizing that perhaps they are being stretched too thin as well.

The King of Swords Reversed reveals that you may come across as cold, calculating, and harsh with your words and demeanor, even if that is not your intention. Your sign’s ruler Venus will be retrograde for most of this season, potentially drying up the sweetness in relationships and making your money flow turn to a trickle. Plan ahead for this now so you’re not overburdened then.

The good news is that it is temporary and is teaching you self-reliance. You’ll come out stronger in the end after flexing your muscles of independence!


8 of Pentacles (RX) & 7 of Swords (RV)

This Scorpio season might bring a dip in your energy, Gemini. Either you’re taking on too much or just not feeling motivated. You might also notice others around you skating by, just doing the bare minimum.

Gemini’s have a tendency to have many ideas and interests at one time, so it’s possible that you are mentally overwhelmed or distracted. Pace yourself and do the best that you can.

What can help is revisiting old projects and people and fine-tuning those connections and relationships. In the meantime, capture your newer ideas as they come through for the next couple months, when your mind will be clearer and your energy levels higher and focused.


Knight of Pentacles and 8 of Wands (RX)

Moon child, you’ll need to take your time. Pace yourself. Even if life seems to be speeding by and there are many things you know you want – or need – to do, you still need to take a deep breath and go slow.

There will be a lot of action around you this Scorpio season. You might find yourself feeling like a spinning top, and it’s important that you pause to connect with your intuition to determine your next steps.

Even if deadlines are quickly approaching or people are pushing down on you with expectations, there is no need to rush into anything. As a cardinal sign, you draw your power from your emotions so stay grounded so you can FEEL clearly what you need to do next and act accordingly.


Page of Cups and Hierophant (RX)

Leo, your heart is pulling you in a direction that may be totally different than your usual norm, but this is the spice that makes life exciting!

Page of Cups is showing up to present an invitation that pulls at your heartstrings while the Hierophant suggests that it most likely will be something unconventional.

It’s easy to ask others for advice as far as what you should do, but honestly some questions can only be answered from your heart.  Don’t be afraid to walk your own path this Scorpio season. The butterflies in your stomach will be confirmation that you are doing the right thing and at the right place at the right time.



Scorpio season will bring to you the chance to change your scenery and life in BIG ways, Virgo.

8 of Cups has a notorious reputation for suggesting some sadness and disappointment. But, it’s important to realize this: The moves you are making this Scorpio season are absolutely for your highest and greatest good. They will come with perfect timing and will lead into you into a space where you will be better able to thrive.

The Strength card confirms this. This card only appears for those who are capable and are channeling their energy in ways that are constructive not only in the moment but also for the future.,

Feeling emotional during this transition is normal. Be sure to also pull in the element of excitement, because this is a clear sign that you are evolving to the next level.



As the ruler of your sign will be retrograde all of this season, Libra, you might be feeling in a funk, unlucky, or confused for just a moment as the cosmos rearrange themselves.

However, this is the best time for you to settle yourself. Life has honestly been a bit wild for you lately and it doesn’t seem like you’ve truly had a chance to catch your breath.

This Scorpio season may not feel easy. You’ll need to look at the people and things that you truly want to surround yourself with. And, I mean, really look at them. Go over this area of your life with a fine-toothed comb, and  remember: quality over quantity.

The universe will support you through this by placing you in positions where you will need to choose, which is not easy for you. But know that, at the end of the season, you’ll have a chance to start over fresh and the wheel of luck and fortune will turn in your favor once again.



Happy solar return, Scorpio!

The Hermit can suggest that you’ll want to take some quiet time pulled away from the world for a moment. But, more than that, it suggests that you are going to be need to look internally for what will make life here on earth more magical for you.

While the Hermit gives you a chance to see the truth of what feels right for you, what is missing, and what you want, the Chariot supports you in making those moves to bring it all in. 

This season, look for what is missing. But, instead of seeing lack, adjust your eyes so you can see the opportunity. Make your wish from your heart while you blow out the birthday candles, and your intention will grow.



Sagittarius, this season the cosmos have positioned you to learn the most in a short amount of time. This is something to welcome in with open arms! It’s the  universe’s way of making sure that you will never be stagnant.

However, you will be tested. Old situations and people from your past have a higher chance of popping up into your life again. It’s up to you decide if you want to reconnect or not.

If you do decide to take a trip down memory lane, make sure that you are taking with you the lessons that you have learned so you’re not repeating mistakes that originally may have tripped you up. Remember, when you know better you do better, so apply all that you have learned and shoot for a different outcome.



This season, your mind will be lit up and active with ideas, important conversations and connections, problem solving, Capricorn! 

The Page of Swords gives you strength and power behind your words and thinking. This is a chance for you to see the silver lining in everything and fix any issues as they arise, so that the projects and relationships you are building are strong and able to withstand the test of time.

Also, you may find yourself being drawn to pick up old hobbies and interests. Follow that instinct! It will act as a stress reliever. Ease up, and create space in your schedule to make time for mental breaks that are not connected to your work and you will be the better for it.



Aquarius, you have a chance to revisit someone or something from the past this season… and it’s up to you to decide what you are going to do with this connection.

For someone who has been been spending so much time focusing on attracting new energy into your future, it can be confusing when old opportunities show up. But, this is a chance for you to revisit what did and didn’t work then, so you can apply it in ways that will help you as you move forward.

The 8 of cups might make you feel like you’re moving backward, but 7 of Pentacles wants you to take a step back and look at the greater picture. When you do, you will have more clarity around where you should focus your energy, because you will be able to see what is growing.



Life comes at you fast with the 8 of Wands and Judgement card combination!

Pisces, something is blowing in through an open window and into your life. And on this wind you will find excitement, but more importantly, awareness.

You are the sign that is most often connected with the cosmos. And, when you’re drifting on the wave of your own imagination, it can be tough to see things for what they actually are.

However, whatever this is will help you to see life clearly. Use the knowledge you gain to build a firm foundation to give your dreams fertile ground to grow and thrive!


Jessica Wiggan


Weekly Alchemy- Aug 6th- 12th 

Working with the energy of the planets!


How to Work With the Planets This Week...

The eclipses were the first to trigger it. Now this week the water breaks- we break- and energetically we are beginning to ‘give birth’ to the new Self in preparation for this upcoming Leo New Moon.

  • GROUNDING. Connect with the earth through your ‘sits bones’ but sitting cross-legged and quiet the mind. Effortless/unforced meditation.
  • BATH & ENERGY SOAK. Use charged salt baths or go to the ocean or river to detox and work to release toxins. The physically body NEEDS to be relaxed this week to support mental/spiritual transformation.
  • TUNE OUT. Quiet down. Tune out loud noises, abrasive music, bitter people. Connect with people you vibe with- share your thoughts, frustrations, joy with those that allow you to be YOU, unfiltered. Talking about your feelings is NOT negative. It is a healthy release. Just don’t dwell.
  • FLOAT. Visit a float tank, float in your tub or the ocean, aerial yoga to help enforce the energy of total release.


Sweet orange, hibiscus, rose, calendula, ginger root, sweetgrass, chamomile, tall seagrass


Salt and water; totally purging! I’m doing bath salts DAILY! Fire (in the form of sunlight) and moonlight; earth (for grounding).


Blades (designed for cutting and removing energy), sage, bathtub, apophyllite, selenite, spirit quartz, yoga (restorative and gentle).


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Astrology | Intuition | Guidance 


Jessica Wiggan


Jessica Wiggan


Weekly Intuitive & Astro Forecast


May 21st-27th 2018

Activity speeds up this week! It’s like we went from a slow and steady snail pace to “off to the races!”

The mind is quick thinking, we feel the urge or at least have the opportunity to socialize more. Some of you are focusing on tests and studying. This is partly because son moved into Gemini at the start of this week on Monday. The only warning I have to give with this is the fact that for the majority of this week- Monday through Friday, but especially Wednesday- you have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew, exaggerate, or say and promise things that you can’t later honor.

Mercury the planet the rules communication is still in Taurus reminding you to pace yourself but most of this week he meets opposite Jupiter creating the potential for us to say and do too much. There is a risk of you getting yourself into trouble later with this tendency to overpromise. We are idealistic, anxious, excited and full of ideas so it becomes impossible at times to reel this energy in.

The Shift of Change on the Horizon


Sun trine Mars makes us feel capable and ready to usher in these new beginnings. We can feel the shift of change on the horizon and our energetically ready for what is happening but at the same time everything needs to come with perfect timing or you risk overlooking important details.

I can’t ignore mars in Aquarius is still boxing with Uranus so we all have a tendency to be a little impulsive or reckless in areas we would normally be careful with. It’s important to keep this in mind this week. Friday is actually the perfect day to six and we visit the areas of your life you seen the most drastic change. Maybe ‘revisit’ is not the right word but to give them your attention.

Have 'the Talk', Schedule that Meeting!


Mercury trine Pluto presents the chance to make powerful changes based upon your intuition and highest division. Schedule important talks to happen on this day, meet with important people in your life, take time to concentrate and study even on a Friday! While most relaxing and winding down after the craziness of this week there still a chance for you to make one last power move before the weekend comes to a close.

My last warning for this week is Venus the planet that rules love and relationships sits opposite Saturn and this can test relationships as well as your wallet.

Bonds between people can be tested as issues of emotional support, caring, and thoughtfulness surface. People (yourself included) can field a bite of abandonment and isolation. Money is stretched or you are forced to spend a lot which can momentarily be frustrating. Take this weekend easy when it comes to unnecessary spending if you were trying to save. Don’t panic if you’re making an investment – this transit just shows how hard it may feel to let go of what you’ve worked so hard to save. The new moon next week will bring in new opportunities so don’t worry too hard!

Last Intuitive Message:

This week I am getting the message that there is a tendency to focus on lack, what isn’t working, and what is missing so we end up ignoring what is right and unfolding. There’s a need to be clear with your words and to see things for what they actually are not to be clouded or distracted by emotion. This helps put things into perspective turning even obstacles into blessings!

IMG_3710 2.jpg

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Jessica Wiggan

A WHOLE NEW WORLD- Taurus New Moon Details!

Jessica Wiggan


Jessica Wiggan


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Weekly Forecasts, Guidance, & Lifestyle!

Potent Scorpio Full Moon

Jessica Wiggan



"April 29th at 8:58 pm ESTwe have a potent full moon in the sign of Scorpio!

The energy of this moon is intense and powerful as it is pushing you into a space of complete honesty and vulnerability in order to manifest your heart’s truest desires. Trust and a level of total openness to what the Universe has in store for you is required as this moon is signaling an overhaul of transformation in your life that can shake up your normal comfort zones.Full moons are typically highly emotional times because the moon rules our emotions and intuition but this Scorpio full moon will be passionately felt and is working to reveal all to you… you can no longer hide behind the shadows!

Pluto (the co-ruler of Scorpio) is newly retrograde during this full moon and connects you to your shadow side, your secret wishes, and passion. Pluto’s role and responsibility in your life is to cleanse and destroy the outdated and rotten in order to birth and build things and people of a greater purpose that are in alignment with your destiny. The process sometimes is painful but necessary to your growth and ability to thrive.
During the night of full moon and the days following it you’ll be made aware of your highest purpose, your karma, passions, and vulnerabilities. This is because Scorpio full moon wants to push you into a place of complete alignment with your soul purpose and the things that are destined to reach you in this life. If you have been feeling like there are pieces missing or that you are lost or maybe in need of a release of built-up tension or anxiety this moon will work to place you in the right place at the right time for that to happen. You must be open to being completely vulnerable and trusting with what doors close, what doors open, listening to your gut instinct, and acting on power you didn’t even know you had!
The Scorpio full moon is supported by Saturn and the north node which both work to connect you to your karma to benefit you potentially for the rest of your life... if you are open to it! This moon can bring in soulmates, lasting personal transformation, progress with your soul’s work and dream jobs. Basically, anything that is of a higher quality and purpose in your life that the universe believes and knows that you are ready to take to the next level is ready to manifest into your space now!

This moon is highly vulnerable because it reveals to you the secrets of your heart's true desires. Sometimes we hid those truths away from others or ourselves because we are afraid of what will happen if we don’t get it or achieve it. Scorpio energy will simply not allow you to coast by on the superficial- it wants you to set intentions for your heart's intimate desires and with this, you may even have to release fears and anxieties to give space for what is to come. Pluto & Scorpio rule the death and rebirth cycle so all that is stripped away will be born into something with new and fresh energy.

Also, Saturn retrograde is removing the old rigid blockages that have stood in your way. He sits proudly opposite the vertex point that triggers fated encounters during this full moon and has made an agreement with the universe to finally dismantle and open the door since you have agreed to learn the lessons of your past!

The sun squares the north node bringing you into a space where you will be challenged with tests to your growth so you must be bold and fearless to refuse anything below your vibration and step into a space where you are on the same frequency level of things and people you are striving to attract and achieve!

Mars (the planet that rules action) is conjunct Pluto (planet of transformation) creating a power surge within you that you can’t miss!

Channel this energy to focus on your intention and what you truly desire… no matter how impossible it seems! Mars and Pluto together are unstoppable levels of energy! Nothing can stand in their way when they move together like this on your behalf!

Mercury rules the mind and focus- this is a key in working your will and magic. Mercury is also aspecting the north node which brings in news that can open doors, end an era in your life, and set you free to begin the next phase!

With this moon, remember that emotion and passion combined with power and vulnerability are your tools for manifestation!


Here’s How to Manifest Your Heart’s True Desires the Energy of the Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Start by drawing a bath using Epsom or Dead Sea salts. You will be working closely with the energy of release and cleansing so a detox bath is essential to assist in removing lingering energy and blockages. Natural earth salts work wonders with energy purification.
  • Add chicory root, geranium, cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, dragon’s blood, juniper, lovage root, or mums to your bath water stirring them in a clockwise motion. If you don’t have these herbs or natural oils you can use simple herbs like rosemary, lavender, or lemongrass which can be easily found.
  • As you sink into in your herbal soak open yourself up to the release of all blockages. If emotions well up, allow yourself to cry and release them. Even tears of emotion work as added blessings to bath water making magic and manifestation even more potent!
  • When you are ready, remove yourself from the bath water and move into a sacred space where you are able to set intentions. Write down all the blockages you have been experiencing. After you have made a full list, take a dark black pen or marker and cross each one of the items off your list saying, “I release and let you go. The cord between us is cut and I am free of this (person or habit or thing).”
  • Finally, in a safe space burn the list and release the ashes to the universe thanking your angels and guides for working on your behalf. Blow the ashes out into the wind.
  • Feel free to move on to writing your intentions for what you are wanting to manifest in your life now, realizing that the way you feel now is stronger and more powerful than ever after the release ceremony!"


Watch the Scorpio Full Moon Video  


Jessica Wiggan

As Mercury Retrograde turns direct Saturn and Pluto flip their rotations this week! So much of the universe is asking us to slow and steady our pace instead of plowing through always and all the time. This is a part of the process of learning balance in ALL areas of our lives.
This week we start strong with the Aries New Moon moving us into position like a bow and arrow. Uranus (the planet of unexpected surprises) was sitting almost directly under this new moon pushing us to listen to our hunches and take to take the leap of faith or at least try something new. Independence is highlighted in your life- having the freedom to create, feel, move as you chose. Areas that hold you back for worse will soon crumble as Uranus brings fresh energy while Saturn retrograde breaks down the old spots of our life that don't serve us or have been holding us down.
Saturn works to break down and weaken areas that we do not want (whether we realize it or not!) in our lives forever. If you have been working hard this is the chance to slow down for a moment and let the universe carry the rest of the burden. When you see things begin to break down it is NOT because you haven't done enough already but because those areas are actually weak and no longer need your full commitment. Let this process of elimination happen so that you're not wasting your resources and energy!
On the 22nd, Pluto (the planet of death and transformation) will also turn retrograde. Pluto will also work to cleanse all weakness of sickness in your life. This is another chance to take your hands off and focus on your own healing- restorative practices and be open to transformation- what Pluto is known for!
To top it all off, it's important that I mention Venus opposing Jupiter on the 17th. This can make us feel lazy and want to take shortcuts. Don't overindulge or deviate from what you need to do to take care of yourself! Saturn retrograde simply won't allow it!
On the 20th the sun moves into Taurus to slow and steady or progress further. This transit is hardworking but also knows not to overdo it- something all of us can benefit from lately. Work hard, work your hours, but then at the end of the day kick your feet up and relax!
Finances can build, slowly and surely as well. Focus on building your savings and planning for future investing (just wait for Saturn to turn direct first before making huge payments!
Death and 6 of Swords- stay open and flexible to this cosmic release and stripping! It may not look like it now but there are better days just on the horizon that are a direct result of the fertile ground you are creating by letting the dead/old/weak go!


Jessica Wiggan

This week we are under the influence of beautiful Venus here to break up the heaviness of the weeks before- this is EXACTLY what we needed! We talk about it all here in this video, also make sure you stay to the end for a genuine intuitive message from me to you ;)

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Astro + Tarot Details...


Week Ahead Chart

April 9th- 15th 2018

The last couple weeks have been tough for most people but especially last week as Sun (ruling our life energy) squared off in a tense angle with Mars and Saturn.

The Sun in Aries wants so badly to push forward and start new ventures and to heavily pursue its goals but Saturn (ruling restriction) we are forced to hold steady and to try our best to channel our energy constructively although it can feel impossible with the rain cosmic storm around us!

Mars is currently strong in Capricorn and was also squaring the Sun. Since Mars rules our drive and ambition it was super tough for us to sit back as it feels like so much of us wants to push forward when the universe is almost clearly saying, “No. Slow down”. This could easily create frustration, breakdowns, disconnections, and problems if we continued to push past the “Slow Down- Dangerous Curve Ahead” signs the universe has posted up for you to see! It was spelling trouble for relationships, stress levels, health, business, money, and travel… pretty much ALL areas of our lives!


Well, now this week the energy is beginning to not only lighten up but sweeten! You see when you follow the advice of your astrologer you know exactly when to act and how!


Venus is the planet that is the star of the show this week and she has much to give us! Venus in Taurus needs us to connect to our softer and more sensual sides… we have time now to stop and smell the roses, and we should! We can’t always be getting beat down by life lessons or leaping towards our goals. It's just as important to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life and to infuse that magick into our day to day lives!


Venus in Taurus is the bull in the flower pasture sniffing the plants and chewing on sweet grass in the sunlight! This is a reminder to focus on building security for yourself, open to financial reward, take care of your body- inside and out, and to make room for love and other universal gifts!


In fact, this is a STUNNING week for love! On the 11th Venus trines Mars and they are very flirty and sexy together! The day following that Venus blows kisses at Neptune and brings beauty and romance into your life! We will feel this aspect all week, pretty much and you can use it to manifest your dream income, important connections, or even love and romance! Mercury retrograde can still work his magick for you by bringing back connections of the past or even karmic ties… you’ll know if your heart what type of love you want to see unfold for you- in new or mature relationships! This works stunningly for those in partnerships and single!


Jupiter and Pluto also meet directly and perfectly and with Jupiter retrograde its just the right amount of gifts from the universe that feel good and not too overwhelming! Be open to receiving these positive vibes!


The only things I have to warn you about this week are the fact that Sun and Pluto will be squaring off. This can create tension between you and other ‘power players’- meaning maybe a boss, a significant other, family members, or even your own Self. Something or someone may be overstepping their boundaries or you may feel disrespected by their abrasiveness… you need to keep an eye out for those people who are pushing their weight on you or the times you feel like you are being controlled or taken advantage of. Also, be mindful of how YOU take care of YOU. You also need to be your own biggest advocate and not own worst enemy!


Lastly, Mercury goes direct at the end of this week on the 15th but before you rejoice, remember that Mercury retrograde typically has his biggest temper tantrum when he is stationing direct. Stay vigilant with all communication, signing contracts (if you must), travel, and losing items like keys and more!



Emperor (RV), 8 of Swords, and The Devil (RV)

The Emperor Reversed concerns me because it feels like someone is pushing themselves into your space, disrespecting you, or overstepping their boundaries… especially as I look at the chart and see Sun squaring off with Pluto. We are being challenged by authority… and also being asked to step into our own personal power and assert ourselves. 8 of Swords looks terrifying but actually reminds you that the worst of it is actually in your head. No one can take your power away from you but YOU! The Devil Reversed backs this up further and says, ‘ cut off the chains that have been holding you back and down for too long. Woman, thou art loosed’! You have the chance to push back and be free. Remember what is truly important by revisiting the energy of Venus moving through Taurus, which is what we discussed up above!



Jessica Wiggan


Libra Full Moon & Building Tension...

Astro + Intuitive Forecast for week of March 26, 2018

This week the intensity is turned up a notch as the planets square off and create tension in the sky.

Sun (life energy) moves through Aries creating the need and desire to hit the ground running but in all honesty looking at the chart it looks like most will hit a brick wall or end up with more frustrations than anything.

Outside of the fact that mercury is retrograde forcing us to slow our pace down to a brisk walk and maybe even take steps backwards, the sun squares off with Saturn tying you back to your responsibilities and commitments. For some, this can exhaust and frustrate you because you truly are ready to move forward but Saturn requires you to address any underlying issues or problems. Also, simultaneously Mars (ruling our ambition) squares off with the Sun creating even more motivation and willpower to push forward however the frustration builds and becomes stronger when you are asked to slow down or retrace your steps.

Balance is KEY this week.

This may not be something you want to hear but sometimes it simply is not a good idea to race forward when the universe is sending you signals to slow down or to pay attention to other more important things that require your time and attention. If you are seeing “slow down” or even “stop” signs a lot this week honor them because they are there for a reason!

You will have time next week after this energy breaks but right now it is like fighting waves. Channel this energy in a way that is CONSTRUCTIVE… not destructive. I recommend writing petitions/setting intentions, deep cleaning or organizing, creating a plan of action, or even taking the tension out at the gym. Physical exercise is definitely encouraged, but be mindful that you are not overdoing it!

Also this week we have the Libra Full Moon. Libra naturally rules beauty, balance, and relationships but again with so many planets creating tension in the skies and the full moon bringing out suppressed or dormant emotions, it's quite possible you’ll experience some kind of emotional eruption connected to a lack of balance within yourself or important relationships around you.

All of this is 100% tied to karma- the lessons you are destined to learn in your life, and that makes you different from others. The natal nodes are being activated so what is destined to happen or reveal itself is there for a very special purpose.

Last week I saw a building struggle with self-love brewing and sometimes that gets triggered by our frustrations. We all have them but it is how we perceive our frustrations and act out on them that can make or break you. Some get frustrated in life and don’t realize that they beat their own selves up because outside circumstances aren’t working out. That does more harm than good. That energy started stirring this past weekend and spills over into this week. The Libra full moon will take time to highlight the places and spaces where this is true for you- and then you are free to work to balance them out and ease love and peace back into your life!

Also this week, Venus (the planet of love, beauty, and luxury) moves into Taurus- a very sensual and comfortable placement for her! This is another perfect time to bring in self-love rituals, abundance magick, and focusing surrounding yourself on the things that make you feel grounded, beautiful, and secure!

WEEKLY TAROT MESSAGE: 3 of Pentacles and 6 of Swords


Ask for help when needed. Sometimes we all need assistance with moving forward and someone is truly here to lend you a helping hand. Maybe be there for someone else and help them transition forward!


Jessica Wiggan


Jupiter Retrograde & Pisces New Moon

A magical explosion in the stars... 

This week is ripe with important astro changes and the first one I must mention is the fact that last week on the 8th Jupiter (the planet of expansion and abundance) turned retrograde in the sign of Scorpio!

Jupiter retrograde has a cloud of confusion over it on the internet. People wonder if blessings, growth, and opportunity dry up and that is truly not the case.

Jupiter grows all that it touches- for good and bad- but when he is retrograde he needs a little extra time to build up to his full power!

I see him as a tropical storm building his energy over the warm waters of the ocean. He's not a full-on hurricane yet but he is powering up unleash his maximum potential for us later on!

Now, no planet is ALL good or ALL bad... even notorious Pluto and Saturn serve their magical purposes as well as Jupiter can just as easily be a thorn in your foot just as quickly as he can be the break you've been waiting your whole life for! It all depends on how well he is playing with the other planets in skies and also how he is influencing your personal natal chart!

Now, Jupiter in Scorpio has been highlighting a lot of trends that we are seeing in modern day media- most of which I have predicted a month before his arrival in the passionate sign. For starters, how we view sex, power, and intimacy were issues that were expanded and blown into our faces as we watched celebs being outted for some of their bad behaviors. Scorpio rules those issues 100%... as well as secrets. Jupiter ripped off the red curtain and the lights blared brightly for the whole world to see!

Now, in our day to day lives, I see spending beginning to trickle down a bit. Yes, a little less swiping of your credit cards, taking out loans, or draining your savings. Remember, Jupiter EXPANDS... and that includes how we spend our money. Sometimes we get reckless with our spending because Jupiter sometimes simply does not care. When retrograde we revisit those funds and begin to restrict ourselves, budget, or repay what we owe.

The next thing that I see is for others they are going to turn inward in their studies and pursuit of deeper understanding of themselves and even the spiritual world around them. They are seeking to quietly reflect- honoring the quiet pulls of their intuitive vs. trying to follow what magazines, the internet, and what others say we "should" or "shouldn't do to find the Divine around us and within ourselves!

Now, I can't ignore that Jupiter retrograde WILL quiet opportunity from flowing in... but this is because he wants you to focus on the growth of what he has ALREADY given you! You can't keep receiving and receiving without tending to the bounty currently at your fingertips. Are new things and opportunities exciting? Yes, of course. But what is already in front of you needs your attention so that THAT can grow... and the more you tend to it the more exciting THAT will get! Sometimes you can't see the blessing because you are so accustomed to looking at it!

Also, important this week is the new moon in stunning Pisces! Talk about magick! Pisces rules the energy of this moon and we are nudged again to pay attention to our intuition, hunches, and dreams.

Interestingly enough, Jupiter trines this new moon almost perfectly. Traditionally Jupiter rules Pisces and he lends his hand and protection to us for this moon! New Moons are highly reflective and quiet times... in fact, this moon is called the "dark moon" where the waters of our world are designed to be STILL. When the water is still we can see and within two days times begin to set our intentions and work magick for what we are ready to build as the moon then starts to grow.

Pisces is highly SPIRITUAL, compassionate, artistic, and loving. Still waters run deep with this sign and I see many taking the time to sit with legs crossed in meditation to connect with the magick within themselves being stirred so that they can see clearly the answers that they seek, what steps next to take and to take account of their personal vibes.

There is a need to be alone within your own sacred space, to connect with the breath again, and feel the energy of the Divine, spirit, and your guides. They have many messages they've been needing to share and the only way to connect and hear them is to be STILL.

Venus (love, beauty, values) is still dancing in circles with Mercury (communication, mind) and the two meet with the natal node nudging your steps back in authentic alignment with YOUR personal path.

Ask yourself, "Where do I need to be now? This is what I want my life to look and feel like... how do I get back there?"

Mercury rules the mind and will give your sparkling glimpses and visions... Venus rules what we love and will paint a picture by stirring your heart. All courtesy of this new moon!

Mars (action) is roughhousing with Uranus and inspires our action, stirs us to action! We've been moving quickly these last few weeks... a lot of times impulsively but all for a divine purpose. Where has life been trying to take you? Keep making note of your impulses as they are also very destined.

Have a magickal week, everyone!"